Week 41 : Can a Person be Happy if they have never experienced Sadness?

As someone who has spent much of their life totally miserable I feel like I am in a decent place to answer this.

Because I’m egotistical and think you should all listen to me.

Honestly I think you need to mix in the bad with the good to APPRECIATE the good more. I really believe you can be happy, of course you can, but I don’t think you’ll appreciate it as much if you have never experienced sadness.

Thing is this question is silly because EVERYONE experiences happiness and sadness no matter what and whilst someone who hits rock bottom and climbs back up will appreciate what is at top of the ladder when they get there more then someone who has always been there that doesn’t mean both don’t have the same experience of happiness at being there.

Negatives tend to make the positives better in a strange way.

If you fell in love and had your heart broken when you fall in love again whilst it might make you a bit jaded when you find that person who you can open up to and be happy with it just makes it so much better knowing how horrible it was having your heart broken and feeling like you’ll never love again.

Same with money.

I grew up poor so knowing that I can afford things I never could as a kid makes me more grateful for what I have then my cousin who always got what he wanted and just buys things with no actual appreciation for what they are. He just wants things whilst I spend my money on things I actually care about.

We’re both happy but it is the whole quantity over quality stuff, because I never had the quantity or the quality now I look for the quality over the quantity because I know just having the things I want the most is better then having a lot of things for no reason.

So yeah I think if you have depression or have had something really horrible happen to you when the good times come you appreciate them more and probably in a way feel them stronger but that doesn’t mean someone who hasn’t had a hard time isn’t happy. They’ll take it for granted (depending on personality I guess) but there is no way someone will spend their entire life not feeling sadness.

The higher you are after all the further you have to fall.

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