Kingdom Hearts 3

You might have guessed a long time ago that I am a huge fan of the Kingdom Heart series, it might not surprise you then that this week I basically spent two and a bit days playing this in its entirety to finally finish this chapter of the Kingdom Hearts story.

Here is a review with no story details really just information that has been out there for a long time. Battle mechanics and worlds I guess are the two biggies. I won’t name returning characters or any plot point… That comes in its own spoiler post later on!

I know I’m in the minority but I think that Kingdom Hearts 3 is my least favourite of the series but that isn’t to say that I don’t like it.

For me it felt like a game designed to show off what they could do, and what they could do was impressive, but also was determined to finish the story that had been told over a multitude of games over a decade.

Whilst the worlds were huge and beautiful for the most part, I’m looking at you Arendelle for being a big ugly icy mess, they lacked the soul that the worlds in other games did. I found it slowly harder to engage with them seeing them more as chores to complete with the odd one or two really standing out and reminding me why I love the game. I like that they flexed their muscles and produced some of the scenes that they did but at times it felt at the expense of the stories being told in those worlds.

Only a few of the worlds actually seemed to truly interact with the overall story that they were trying to tell and those that didn’t just felt empty and pointless, thrown in because a small part of the story fit something they wanted to show or else because it was the most popular thing since sliced bread apparently and we need to hear that one song no one really wants to hear again ever…

OK maybe I just don’t want to hear it.

OK I just don’t like Frozen OK?!

Away from the worlds the battle system was fun. I mean there was a lot to it and I don’t think I really used it as much as most people will but there was a playing style for everyone even away from being one of three classes. There was Flow Motion, Attractions, easy to switch Keyblade, Partner moves as well as special abilities for each Keyblade unique to that blade. It made it easy to find a way through all battles but maybe was a little too simple. I always loved how difficult I found Kingdom Hearts so feeling I didn’t have a challenge in this game was a little sad but at the same time it made getting through the story so much easier.

The story makes little to no sense like most of it does but I’ll go into that in depth in a different review.

I didn’t like that the 100 Acre Wood wasn’t as big as in other games or the mini games involved and was sad there wasn’t a Coliseum part to the game but the mini game and collection tasks they DID include kind of made up for it. I was also pretty sad that the Final Fantasy characters and just characters that have been with us through many games weren’t present or not that important. Whilst we got to see Merlin I felt for what he was doing for the team during the game itself, let alone other games, his actual part to play was purely to hand you something. None of the Final Fantasy characters had a finishing story and whilst there was small tie ins here and there for why you were visiting each world it didn’t feel like any of your visits had any real point to them.

So whilst it is a great ending to this story, one of the most beautiful games I’ll ever play and had some great moments in it I can’t help but feel a little sad that this might be the last game in this series. It’ll no doubt grow on me as part of the series but as something I’ve waited so long for I can’t help but be disappointed.

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