The Promised Neverland : 291045

Episode 4

Training for the big escape is being ramped up as they set a date for their escape whilst also trying to figure out just who the traitor is.

As all the episodes so far this one was done really well. It was actually really hard at first to figure out what way it was going to go with the traitor story but it came close to what I predicted though it is far from over.

I’ve always felt that three kids that are so smart one of them will be the traitor, Norman himself points this out when he questions one of the younger children’s motive. Phil being the smartest of the younger ones is also one of the more active, he’s on his way to being like Norman, Ray and Emma and therefore a threat because he’s smart enough to bargain and understand the situation.

This was the big first clue for me.

Whilst I accidentally spoiled what comes next a little whilst trying to find Phil’s name on Wikipedia (why I didn’t just rewind the episode I don’t know) I’m still going to babble on with my theory.

I’ve always felt like Norman was going to be the one that was the traitor. Thing is Emma is too naive and too hopeful for her to be the traitor, if in the long run they made her the one going to Mom I don’t think it would work. In general she is the main character and as such she’s the one we’ve placed our bets on, because Norman and Ray feel more like characters pulled into her gravity field over being there on their own merits I felt it would fall on one of them to be the one that put the spanner in the works.

In this episode Norman concocts a plan and as soon as we saw how the two bits fell I knew the finger would be pointed at Ray.

Like all his plans, Norman’s plan is built on layers some of which we might not know yet.

First up it was about unnerving Emma. With her on the look out she could spy on Gilda without knowing she is doing so, when they tell Gilda and Don about the plan it means that Emma is sensitive to what Gilda will do next. She doesn’t want to believe in anyone doing this so she’ll prove Norman wrong. Therefore by implanting it into Emma’s head he had someone always tailing Gilda whether she meant to or not. This led to us learning that she’d been talking to Sister Krone because she was upset that Emma wasn’t telling her something which had the knock on effect of Krone figuring out that it is Emma that knows.

In general it meant that Gilda was cleared.

This was then proved again by the second layer of Norman’s plan. He told both Gilda and Don different places that the rope was hidden. Whoever is the spy would tell Mom where the rope was and they could figure out from that action who to trust.

Obviously the rope was found where Don was told it was from which leaves you with the cliffhanger of three possible suspects REGARDLESS of what Norman might say.

With Emma tailing Gilda there is no point trying to frame Gilda. Both Ray and Norman will know this. She doesn’t want to suspect her friends but that doesn’t mean she’s stupid enough not to worry about it. Therefore the only place the rope can disappear from is in the place that Don knows about.

For me I personally had already kind of given up on my idea that Norman was the spy mainly because I just believed in his speech on how much he wanted to help Emma. I think there are just moments in this show where you can kind of just tell when someone is telling the truth and that was one of them. I’d also kind of ruled him out and put Gilda in that place because I was wondering what it is that can be offered to a male in this society. It is a society where the only adults we’ve come across are female and as it isn’t a human dominated society there doesn’t seem like much to offer a male child.

With Gilda out of the picture I had to readjust.

Don is instantly a no for me. I think he was a instant no for Norman too. At the point where the plan was in action for me it was back to Norman and Ray so when Ray was accused at the end of the episode I wasn’t surprised.

As I said there is just some moments that are obvious for me that a character just can’t do it, I’d love to be proved wrong but Don is treated as such a classic silly character that I just don’t think he is the one. He isn’t portrayed as being super smart, smart enough that he’s been left alone this long but not smart enough to be a mastermind of any kind, his reaction seemed genuine which is a terrible hole to fall in, specially in anime, but it really did. He doesn’t seem like the kind of character that would snitch and whilst I felt that way about Gilda as well there was a slight difference.

I could have believed Gilda because without really seeing it on screen there were enough cues that she was obviously close to Emma and was struggling with something. That seems to have driven her to Krone but her love for Emma isn’t one that I can see making her a spy, the same as Norman.

So moments before Norman pointed the finger of blame on Ray I knew it was Ray.

Mainly I guess I thought it was Ray because Norman probably hasn’t told Don or Gilda anything. He hasn’t told them about what actually happened that night, just that they saw Conny being sold to bad people, so I don’t see him actually telling them. HE had to come up with a plan to make Ray believe him. “I’ll tell two people two different things fully knowing that Emma would spy on one of them and Ray will know that Emma will spy on them but I won’t tell anyone anything and when Mom finds out we know it’s Ray” and whilst that hasn’t been said I bet you ANYTHING that is what happens.

There is still wriggle room though.

I could be wrong on that account. It could still be Norman. Heck we could be being played a fool and it could be Emma but right now I’m honestly tiring myself out trying to think like the three geniuses.

Honestly I don’t see what Norman and Ray will get out of this. For a start what guarantee do either of them have that Mom would keep her word? If she does or has kept her word then what exactly is it that they asked for? What could possibly make them want to help her kill their family? If we replaced the boys with two girls I could easily see why  a girl would be happy to think that she could become a Mom at some point, in this world they’ll have a out that they don’t know the condition of. I said in the last one that women could just be held up in pens like livestock being forced to give birth to children or something cruel like that but Mom would never need to tell the kid she was bribing that, she didn’t need to tell them anything and even then she might actually just make them a Mom.

Being alive seems a better option then being dead I guess.

But with a boy I don’t know what to think.

Don maybe, Don isn’t portrayed as being half as smart as the other two so  I don’t think things such as there just not being a human society to go back to would cross his mind. It would be “Mom trusted me she’ll help me and I’ll be free from that danger.” She could even twist it to them “these three are planning to bring trouble on us by lying, don’t believe them and trust me” and because of the kind of character she is they would listen.

There are so many possibilities that I’m lost thinking about them.

THAT is what I love though. This show could go about a million different ways. Krone is threatened in this episode but instead of calming down and stopping her own investigation she goes back to her room, destroys her baby and stomps around the place. Is she really that stupid to think Mom won’t be able to hear all this? Krone could be Isabella’s downfall, Isabella definitely is going to be Krone’s, Ray is now the likely traitor but it could still be Norman… Even if they figure out who it is at the top of the tree a character like Phil could still end up being significant and Mom realised not to play one card at a time. They now have 10 days to figure things out but they still have to find a way to get all these kids to cooperate to leave, after all Emma isn’t leaving without one single child including the babies AND the traitor.

If we thought this was a impossible task we might be underestimating how impossible it is.

We need a new word.

It is like a blindfolded idiot trying to play chess against four geniuses. Plus the idiot has to win via never losing a piece.

My head hurts trying to figure it out.

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