Mob Psycho 100 II : Inside ~Evil Spirit~

Episode 4

Nakami ~Akuryō~” (中身 ~悪霊~)

Remember when Mob Psycho was just a load of laughs and a little heartbreak, you wanted to see Mob do well and pick a school club and his brother to be happy…

Remember all that?

Yeah I don’t either.

This episode is the start of a longer look at just what makes Mob tick. After he comes face to face with a evil spirit of a former psychic that has possessed a young girl he is forced to jump into her body too to face the spirit inside, what actually happens is the former psychic traps Mob and forces him to live life like he doesn’t have any powers at all.

I’ve said it before but this season really is all about looking at Mob as a character and what makes him tick but this is going to be a real eye opener. He’s shy and backs away from situations that could hurt him or others but at the same time there is a sense of safety in what he does because he does have the power to not be harmed. I don’t think he’d ever think of using it but it isn’t like someone who is well aware that they have no defense. How will he react to things when he hasn’t got his powers to defend him but more importantly what will happen if he reaches 100% and doesn’t have powers to explode out of him.

We already know his powers are linked to his emotions, we’ve seen it, it is the entire title of the series. When he hits 100% bad things can happen to him and others but when he hits that without his powers he has nothing to explode out of him so what WILL come out if he hits it?

Everyone has that though, everyone has a limit and when it breaks we react differently and that is what I want to see.

I want to see if when he’s broken Mob fights back or if he breaks and breaks down completely. It’ll be a important lesson because whilst we know that Mob is probably going to beat the spirit in the end going forward if he remembers this experiment he’ll know what his human reaction to something will be. Right now he doesn’t because when things get too tough his power takes over and he has people around him to keep him and others safe. He is a puppet whilst not being a puppet, he’s more like a child (which I guess he is) being led through life because he’s so darned innocent.

He won’t have Dimple, he won’t have Reigen, he’ll have no friends and he’ll have no safety.

What is human, no powers at all, Mob going to react when the going gets tough?

Of course I say it every week but I’ll say it again to close off the blog, the animation change up throughout the episode is always such a huge help in getting across what they need the audience to feel. I love how it can take all the colour out of the comedy bits, make it feel like looking at a moving comic more then a animated show then blast us with brightness, detail and colour when the dramatic bits happen. It is that flexibility that really helps make the entire thing work.

Whilst I was expecting to really enjoy the second season I didn’t realise just how involved I was going to get in the character of Mob and what he is all about so I’m very happy with how the series is going on right now.

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