Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 : The Strategy of Conflict

Episode 18

Funsō no Senryaku” (紛争の戦略)

So the war is on.

In one corner we have the peace loving Agency, in another the crime centred Mafia and then the newbies and the power hungry Guild have just blasted their way into the middle of a conflict that has been on going.

I doubt in this story only one will walk away the winner. If I’m honest I can see all of them walking away losers.

I said it in the last episode but I don’t see the Guild really surviving for very long and this kind of proves that. Already their ship has been attacked and the Mafia look like they pretty much have the Guilds number.

Honestly they fell to the Lemon Bomber dude, they got so cocky that they didn’t think anything through and underestimated someone based on things they’ve read.

Not long after and Hawthorne comes face to face with Akutagawa.

Hawthorne’s attack isn’t too different to Akutagawa, I mean they are different abilities but they have very similar styles. Hawthorne uses his blood in the same way that Akutagawa uses Rashomon but whilst Rashomon is a beast that attacks everything The Scarlet Letter is Hawthorne’s blood turned into holy words.

There was a moment where Margaret Mitchell was able to help Hawthrone but in the end Akutagawa’s need to prove himself to Dazai overcomes pretty much everything.

THIS was heart breaking because I really loved Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mitchell not so much but I was really excited about Nathaniel as a character and I don’t think he survived the attack on the Zelda which is just a waste of a character.

As I thought the Mafia is starting to play everyone against each other so it is hard to see the Mafia actually wanting to take any sides. They’ve already got rid of the Zelda and maybe two people in the Guild so I’m not really sure why they would need any help. Akutagawa could pretty much end any war on his own.

It feels like this is going to be a very rushed war but I very much hope it isn’t.

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