DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #8

Last week was meant to be a brilliant week for me and it didn’t end up that way, this week it looks like a interesting week if not one with many big matches. Getting closer to the PPV it I guess is interesting to see where the stories go from here.

Winner : No Fun Dunne

The wig spot to open the match was good I have to say I enjoyed that. I mean it wasn’t a big thing but I just like the intelligence of having a second wig on. It was just a nice little touch for a wrestler who right now is mainly there for one purpose and that is to fill in gaps in the cards.

Visage out of all of them is my favourite though, the style of their wrestling is fantastic and they put so much personality into what they do. Visage stands out and I hope they are able to grow and become more then just someone who comes down to be beaten every week.

DEFIANT J.O.B Squad maybe?

Not much more to say. It was short and I didn’t like how sudden the end was. Pretty meh all round.

Winner : Primate

It was a strange match to be honest. I didn’t really get the story it was telling if I’m honest. Gunn took control of a lot of the match and there were a ridiculous amount of kicks to the face at one point that I don’t think the commentators played enough that Primate, the guy who retired due to a broken jaw, was being kicked basically in the jaw.

The rest of the match just wasn’t that brilliant either. Some good moments like the chop to the ring post that Primate ducked and then high-fiving Gunn who had his hand held out.

I thought this was going to main event and I thought it would be more competitive and more showing off the bad ass that Primate is but it didn’t and I didn’t enjoy that match at all.

Afterwards Kidd and Coyle came down but didn’t do anything because Hendry came down before they got into the ring. All that happened next was Hendry and Primate beat the shit out of Kidd and Coyle so that just made little to no sense, it wasn’t even a interesting beat down either.


Really enjoyed this piece, Jones is back and he’s angry at what the South Coast Connection did when he was trying to show the crowd on Loaded the talent that he was training.

It sets up for a interesting match next week between South Coast Connection and the Dynamic Duo which will be a fantastic way to see what the Duo can do but also actually a good continuation of their story. Unlike… A few things that came after it.

Winner : Nathan Cruz

Well I guess if there is a positive to the loss last week it is that Nathan Cruz comes down totally ready for business. There was no cape, no strutting and just a look of absolute hatred on his face. His moves were hit with more ferocity then usual and I LOVED IT!

Match lasted for a minute or so, a few strikes from Deriess to Cruz but a very focused Cruz just bulldozers his way through Deriess.

I’m not going to say much about the ending because I’m going to moan a lot about it next week in the 5 Things blog but I guess the only thing we need to know is that Omari vs Nathan Cruz is happening at Unstoppable and Omari really isn’t the strongest on the mic. You might have guessed I really didn’t like this.


You want a title match?

Doesn’t take much, just go and ask Ameen and offer him just about anything he could want… OR have something “go missing” and then get one when he can’t find it. Or just show up? Why not!

Dunne gets a Anti-Hardcore match against Havoc and Ameen now knows where the glasses are.


It was really long but I enjoyed it to a point.

He didn’t really give much more of a explanation for what he’s doing but then again he doesn’t really need to either. He made it clear why he wasn’t going to fight on YouTube when he announced it to Ameen and there just wasn’t much to add to it. He did then offer us a non-title match on YouTube and ALL the squash match babies came out. He picked on them until Miller came out and gave the crowd the choice of who he fights and obviously… Benji wins that vote.

It could have done a little less of the Miller stuff, by the time he got the match going it felt like it had been going on forever but in general it was a good segment.

Winner :Benji

It wasn’t much of a match. It was a pretty bog standard squash match that saw Kirby commentate his own match as he beat up Benji, where it differed was that because Kirby got so cocky and he spent about 5 minutes telling us about the move he was about to hit he himself got hit with a roll up and lost the match.

I liked the moment, it was a good moment for Benji who the audience is completely in love with, but I don’t really know what the point of it is. He’s got a match with El Phantasmo at Unstoppable but obviously it was a cobbled together match and with Kirby losing to Benji on this episode and still not actually interacting with his opponent for his match in a week or so I feel like this match at Unstoppable is going to be a bit flat. We’ll see I guess.


Didn’t like it.

They came out earlier and got their asses handed to them and then suddenly are more interested in getting a title match against Rampage. I don’t really get why Coyle is now Kidd’s crony or why Miller got given the assistant job about 2 weeks ago and suddenly is there doing some work…

I love DEFIANT but they don’t seem to be able to keep momentum on stories going or make much sense with any of them.

So we have Kidd vs Rampage next week? We have it some time. We definitely have the women’s title match that no one asked for next week and the tag team match that will hopefully steal the show.


THIS week?

The weakest episode since Loaded came back. Kind of the way they should have done the Cruz/Omari story in the first place, Coyle/Kidd make no sense and the majority of the matches were just pointless squash matches and whilst the Kirby one made sense and had a good pay off it didn’t even feel like the matches were padding for story stuff because there wasn’t really much story stuff and what there was… Was kind of confusing and badly done.

In fact I sat and watched the entire show and I can’t actually tell you what happened or if there was anything of importance on it. Literally felt like a non-show and the show had No Fun Dunne, Nathan Cruz, Primate, BT Gunn and Martin Kirby on it.

Yet it wasn’t worth watching.

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