Anime Highlights Week 3

We’re into our third week and we have more highlights.

So much anime this week, so many stories starting to get good and others… Not so good so here are the goods, the bads and the WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING WITH GABIRU of the week.

All the fight scenes!!

This week has been full of fight scenes from Magical Girls vs Halloween Level Bears to Heroes finally meeting the wave of bad guys that brought them to strange worlds. Hell even short battles between Slimes and Demon Lords were well done even if the story around it wasn’t so good.

I’ve really enjoyed the visual aspect of this week more then anything if I’m honest. It was nice to finally see the big fight between Naofumi and the zombies that the wave brought to him, I always enjoy watching the Ogres fight in Reincarnated but I loved the added danger in Magical Girls Spec-ops that introducing a other world threat brought.

Some great scenes and lots of emotions…

All the boobs…

Unlike Reincarnated as a Slime which brought one emotion and that was pretty much “grow the fuck up.”

To put it bluntly Reincarnated as a Slime went overboard this week not only introducing a character for whom clothes is a foreign concept but turning an entire female population of a species into humans when they are actually… Lizards. Oh and more of the same Rimuru getting away with being a perv because why not give the virgin his dues when he dies heroically?

Compared to something like Magical Girls Spec-Ops where you KNOW that there will be ridiculous sized characters because it is well within the genre for that this week Reincarnated as a Slime just became too much for grumpy people and has lost at least one of its kind of captivated audience on this site in the process.

New Horror – New Sister – Same FANTASTIC Animation

Sister Krone was one of the best additions to a anime in a long time, she complimented Mom Isabella by bringing a new type of horror to the lives of Emma, Ray and Norman.

Have to say that Episode 3 of The Promised Neverland was every bit as amazing as the two that came before it, Sister Krone was a great addition but the animation continued to be the one thing that really amazed in the episode. It uses so many different styles to make the audience feel completely uneasy the whole episode long.

A look at humanity

So many stories this week looked at humans themselves.

From Mob having to come to terms with the two worlds he lives in to Asuka trying to give her knowledge of the human mind set to Nozomi.

We had to take a step back in a few series to actually look at the characters and their motivations and it was actually quite a nice change. No matter how magical or different the world we were in was to our own there were stories of kindness overcoming hatred, the fight to understand the power people have and how/when to use it as well as what knowing our weaknesses can do for us in the long run.

Seeing characters actually grow is a wonderful change from… Them regressing in series like Reincarnated as a Slime or even just being the same throughout like Goblin Slayer (yes OK I can only compare things to recent things because my memory sucks balls…)

Gabiru lookout for the week…

He has been demoted to idiot who doesn’t actually mean fuck all. Will update next week.

Back to the Present!

So with our Flashback series we are finally back the present. Whilst I’ve named this section back to the present the actual highlight of this weeks episode is more down to the Guild.

How cool are they?! They made one of the best entrances I’ve ever seen and they just look so damn cool. You don’t want to get on their wrong side, the problem is that there is now a war between three very powerful sides and whilst the Agency and Mafia are always at war with each other the Guild are the new guys and I just feel like they won’t last in this war for very long.

Regardless their entrance was amazing and it was one of my favourite parts of the week.

Walking into fairy tales

Luc took a walk into Grimms Notes this week as he felt like he was missing out on the anime front and what he walked in on was a anime telling well loved stories in a different way.

Go see his two reviews on the first two episodes but his highlight for episode one was looking at how the Book of Fate could actually really mess with some of the characters we know and love when they find out their fate isn’t quite as wonderful as they might hope.

Still visually the most amazing season I remember!

Up and down the anime’s that we’re watching at the moment we have nothing but amazing animation being hit over our heads.

Always love the craziness of Mob Psycho which flits through different styles faster then you can blink, The Promised Neverland is using it in such a great way to up the tension in every scene and the gruesome imagery in Dororo reminds us that the world we’re seeing is one soaked in blood and terror.


As always we would love to hear what your highlights or low lights have been for the week, what you are watching and what you would recommend so leave a comment below. So far it has been a great opening few weeks for anime this season and hopefully all of them will continue to shine.

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