5 Things… DEFIANT Loaded #7

This was meant to be a good week for me. Last week saw nearly all my favourite wrestlers in action in what turned out to be a bloody nightmare for me I tell you that.

There were tears, there is a lot of crying over Nathan Cruz and a lot of swearing over Justin Sysum.

Mark Haskins could probably kill a room of people on his own…

It is a long title I’ll grant you that but it is completely the truth.

Have you noticed he wrestles so fast that he honestly has no problem whatsoever fighting two guys and nearly dominating a entire match? These aren’t two run of the mill newbs either, love them or hate them HT Drake and No Fun Dunne have been around and can be serious threats when they wanna be.

From just dashing around like Road Runner to sticking them both in a submission move at the same time I can HONESTLY say that Mark Haskins can kill a entire room full of people (roughly I’d say 50 max) on his own without breaking a sweat.

Fear him.


OK so fair enough No Fun Dunne and HT Drake lost due to their own DQ but Nathan Cruz AND Lucky Kid both lost THEN JUSTIN FUCKING SYSUM SHOWS UP because they lost Ilja Dragnov for the match against Bad Bones and need a replacement.

I can get one of them losing, I could even get two of them (though Cruz for storyline and longevity purposes shouldn’t have lost) losing but JUSTIN FUCKING SYSUM SHOWING UP AGAIN JUST MAKES THIS THE WORST SHOW IN THE WORLD!

Or something like that.

I mean if he IS the replacement for the Bad Bones story then what horrible type of replacement is he? I could think of plenty of people better off, hell go try get another European to come over. Seriously put Benji in the match and he’d be a better replacement due to how much the crowd fucking love him compared to Sysum who hasn’t been around for a while and is pretty boring.

I know I’m in a minority here but just… No.

Nathan Cruz loses…. In other news life is a lie!

I promised I would cry if he lost and I did. Ugly tears of hatred because I love him so much and he didn’t deserve to lose. It wasn’t even that good of a match to have Omari win though I get where they are going. A roll up after Cruz dominates the match is a good way to keep the story going in the future but again it is one of those things that look like they’ll give bad guys interesting characters but kill their momentum before they’ve even got it rolling.

Just because this is Nathan Cruz I’m willing to wait and see where it leads but if he wants to sort out these up and comers who need to know their place he’ll actually need to beat one of them at least once.

Hopefully Cruz will be on the next episode hanging about backstage causing problems because you know that we’ll be wasting a point on him not being there for this weeks show if he isn’t.

I don’t get it…

Prince Ameen doesn’t find the glasses and Phantasmo agrees to wrestle a match when he said he wouldn’t wrestle one if the glasses weren’t found. I guess then out of principal when Lana Austin says she can help find the glasses Ameen agreed to scratch her back as well but… Why?

I get it is all done for comedy and there is the entire “General Ameen’s pride” on the line story building up but… We don’t need the glasses because Phantasmo is wrestling so who cares anymore?

So I guess I do get it but it also kind of made me wonder what the point was… Then I answer my own question with comedy.

Lucky Kid vs Rory Coyle at some point please?

At the moment Rory Coyle is in one of the biggest stories in DEFIANT and that is all fine but I’m looking to his future.

You see there are many MANY interesting people he could be up against at any point. I’m looking at a longer feud with Joe Hendry in particular, I dreamt up a Halloween special with him vs Havoc as the main event on Twitter last week and on top of that after his performance giggling at Klinger and telling him that someone who isn’t on their way to DEFIANT is on their way to DEFIANT I think the Video Nasty and the Lucky Kid would actually work really well.

With his insanity and the others insanity all mixed up into one giant insane feud… I dunno I just want to see them try and out weird each other and is that so much to ask?!

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