Life is Strange 2 : Rules

We are back with Sean and Daniel Diaz as they continue their long journey to Porto Lobbo and away from the death of their father and a police officer in Seattle.

What could possibly go wrong for the boys next?

It took a long time for the game to come out so it was a little bit disappointing that there were a few really obvious bugs and glitches in the game. People being in places they shouldn’t be, random noise in the background made by a character that is currently speaking or just people walking through each other or not interacting properly with things at all.

That was the only thing that was a little on the annoying side as Life is Strange 2 continued its journey with the Diaz siblings in a less politically charged episode and in some ways a much quieter piece.

Gone are their interactions with raging racists or even a whole bunch of the danger they once feared. Whilst in places they tried to force that danger onto us it did little more then to add to the growing experience for Daniel more then as anything to make us the audience fear for them. I guess I can understand then why a episode more about ingraining the personality of one of the characters then teenage drama was a bit of a disappointment.

This episode was more aimed at us teaching Daniel through Sean on when and how to use his powers.

Whilst you can moan about the “big” choices not really making a difference, you can’t for example change the fate of Mushroom or the boys in general, I think that is because the game wanted you to realise that the choices you are making are there to mold Daniel into the character he needs to be for the final episodes. Is that more or less exciting then going through the lives of teenage girls? Well I guess it depends on the individual and many who this game might appeal too might not have been fans of the teenage angst in the first and wouldn’t have bothered with the second. I very much believe the game is going to make more sense as a final product then individual episodes which makes the long wait between them so frustrating.

I feel the choices we do make have MORE of a consequence in the stories then ANY that we made in Life is Strange, I feel the first story was told in such a way that the creators WANTED you to pick their ending and the proof of that is in one ending being a powerful story of love and the other being a half cobbled together “yay you saved the town not Chloe you monster” type thing.

In this story already there are so many outcomes to things you can’t control in the moment but which you can control if you’ve basically raised your brother correctly.

If in the first episode you have a more rebellious Daniel, if he is angry or upset at Sean or witnessed poor behavior from Sean, then in this episode he stops listening to his older brother which can cause quite a few different outcomes. If you raise him “right” he will listen to you and ultimately you can get a decent enough ending that whilst heartbreaking shows that Sean is raising a young man who knows right from wrong and is learning slowly how to use the great power he has been given.

That for me is much more interesting then any of the choices we got in the original game which in reality was just a nice long visual novel that you can pick some of the dialogue for. I never felt in that game that I truly was in charge of any of Max’s decision and whilst I loved the game and I stand by the fact I don’t really care for it there were just as many times in that game where I couldn’t pick what I wanted to say or do as there are in this game. In the end I never felt like much I did actually changed Max and Chloe’s fate and felt guilty that I didn’t go along with what the correct ending was meant to be, that I would have a whole town and possibly people in it destroyed so two bratty children could run away together, whilst in this game maybe not whilst playing it directly but in the end when I see just how different my game could have turned out I can see just how important making Sean either a good role model, a good brother or letting him be a moody teenager can be.

It also hides a lot of the small moments too.

For example there are consequences for things like phoning Layla in the first game or what you do in the house when alone. You can learn more from characters if you actually push them or just muddle along and not really connect with anyone.

Personally I loved the episode. I found the beginning quite long and the middle too short and was only disappointed when we got to the Christmas Market and I couldn’t figure out how to get Daniel a present other than to steal it. I liked watching the interactions with the brother and the only scene I think that was badly done is the one with Mushroom, it felt more like they didn’t know what to do with the dog and it made little sense to introduce her just to lose her so early the very next episode.

I can’t wait for the next episode and whilst I don’t mind that it isn’t as dramatic and it is looking more at family dynamics and the growth of Daniel as a character. I think I can relate more to Sean and Daniel who come across as being pretty down to earth and normal kids compared to any of the, mainly posh upper class, kids in the first series. I have no clue what they are going through as characters and maybe that is stopping some people from being able to connect with them but as actual people they are much easier for me to understand then Max… A girl who stopped talking to her best friend for years and years and then a chance meeting makes her the most important person in the world.


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