The Promised Neverland : 181045

Episode 3

To escape the farm was already one of the most impossible tasks that Emma, Ray and Norman could ever come across but how could it possibly get more impossible?

With Mom calling in reinforcements…

What a reinforcement she calls in!

If we thought that Mom was terrifying then Sister is just as terrifying in a different way. Whilst Mom is cool and collected, not rushing to do anything and biding her time we are introduced to a character who is eccentric and eager not only to learn and help but to overthrow Isabella and make herself Mom instead.

From talking to a doll like it is a kid to her erratic animation as she moves it is a constant non-stop battering to remind us just how terrifying she is but that doesn’t mean just because she is louder and more visual that she beats the cunning and quiet route we see from Mom.

Together they make a formidable team either way.

Whilst it might feel like the introduction of Krone is a step backwards for the kids it actually might just be the step forward they need. They don’t know it but we do, Krone is ambitious and not going to fall into step with Mom who has already broken their own rules by not reporting that some of the kids have learnt the secret. Whilst both kind of know exactly who it is, Mom is waiting for the day to ship them all out whilst Krone is confirming it before going ahead and reporting both Mom and the kids.

What I find scary is that whilst Krone might just be a crazy person that needs to be there are a more visible threat then the calm and collected Mom there is also a side to her that might just show that horrible world in a different light.

I love looking too deeply into characters as you know so I’m going to do it with Krone…

If there are farms there have to be somewhere in the world that is basically constantly impregnating women to cultivate humans to send to farms right? If we live in a Demon society and these kids are coming to the farms at a young age we can guess that instead of maybe just stealing kids from a planet like Earth they would keep some of the kids and grow the operation to be self sufficient.

What if Krone WAS a mother?

What if this is just one of many steps that people like Isabella and Krone have to go through to get to being a Mom?

It would explain her doll and also her need to be Mom. Whilst they can be indoctrinated into believing killing the kids is for the best maybe having to forcibly give up children she’s actually birthed is enough to make her THIS crazy? It was the first thing that went through my head, that she’d been through some trauma that has made her cling to that doll and want to be a Mother.

Whilst being a Mom seems to be her goal to quench that thirst just like cults in our reality you can have that desire and still have it twisted. Knowing that the kids will be harvested as food for demons doesn’t stop the fact that she might want to be that parental figure until then. She can still be a monster whilst wanting to be a mother.

It opens a lot of questions to the Demon society in general.

One of my first questions was how, if they eat humans, do people like Isabella exist and it being part of a production line makes sense. We haven’t seen a adult male, what they need from males doesn’t need a living male and if girls like Emma are picked to go on past the age of 11 they could be sent to large scale production plants and be used to produce children for as long as she can.

Now THAT is more scary then just thinking that people like Krone are bat shit crazy.

This WORLD is making them bat shit crazy and they are doing it in the most horrendous way.

Some great scenes in this episode as well, really loved watching Krone’s game of tag if I’m honest. It was actually pretty scary and she’s pretty much got the best of Emma in it. Ray and Norman manage to beat her which must give them some faith now they know where their trackers are that they can at least out run Krone.

Again they used great techniques to keep us feeling uneasy. When Emma, Ray and Norman were in the woods speaking we watched from behind a bush which instantly made me feel like WE weren’t watching the three of them but someone else is, later we get the conclusion that there is possibly a spy and it makes sense that if it wasn’t Krone or Mom then maybe we WERE looking at it through the eyes of one of the other kids. I kind of thought that Norman might end up being a spy but as I think it out more and more he really likes Emma, he’s said that, but the world just doesn’t need men so he wouldn’t gain anything. He can’t be a Mom so they would have nothing to offer him.

They point to the girl with glasses which is a possibility. She’s been edgy this episode and I was sure she was going to ask to be let in on what was going on. Maybe it is too obvious that it will be her now they’ve marked her out for it but who knows. Who knows.

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