Grimms Notes The Animation : Don Quixote’s Faith

Episode 2

Don kihōte no shin’nen” (ドン・キホーテの信念)

Really enjoyed the story of Red Riding Hood but I feel I won’t be able to enjoy this one as much seeing I have no clue what the story of Don Quixote is in the first place.

Not knowing the story might have put me on a back foot but I still enjoyed the episode, Don Quixote himself wasn’t really that important in enjoying it and whilst it was a weaker episode then the one before probably because I didn’t have the same connection to it in the end it answered one of my rather stupid questions whilst also explaining a load more.

Plus it introduced us to yet another Loki who just so happens to be the bad guy because Loki’s can just not catch a break at times.

What I really liked I guess from this episode was that the Chaos Teller connected to Quixote’s belief. Whilst it worked on Red Riding Hoods fear because Quixote believed so hard whatever it was he was doing at any given moment the windmill that he fought because he thought it was a monster ended up becoming the crack in this Zone the Chaos Teller could jump into to… Actually make the windmill a monster. Not only that though it brought to life the Princess he made up it was so strong.

Why I liked it I guess is because we all on this site like the whole power of imagination/belief thing. It is a concept that I think as people who have had pretty bad pasts like to cling to because it makes you believe that there could be something better if you just believe in it hard enough. Seeing Quixote actually manage to become the hero he wanted even if it was his fault in a round about way that the Villains had arrived was a nice touch.

Again it isn’t like anyone will remember it in that world but it is one of those moments that just make you happy inside.

Turns out that the bookmark weapons can call upon just about anyone. Maybe the main four had to have a bond with that character to begin with or maybe not but in this episode as I kind of thought might happen Ex was able to call upon Red Riding Hood to help him in the battle against the windmill monster.

That I liked and I like that we’ll get to see some of these guys again even if they are just avatars of Ex, I do hope that some of the other characters get to use different avatars in battle too because it’ll be a bit boring if they all end up being Ex’s.

I guess the mystery now is that of Ex and Reina.

They seem to have come from the same place and Loki seems to be the person who caused them to end up the way they have so we’ll have to wait and find out just what is going on there.

Another good episode and it makes me want to read the story of Don Quixote now which I think is going to be a great part of this show. Just a really fun story.

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