Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 : Three Companies Conflict

Episode 17

San Shakyōgō” (社競合)

So the story of how Dazai left the Mafia is over. Oda is dead, Ando is as we well know with the government and Dazai is on his way to join a swell team of weirdos who we grew to love in season 1.

We’re back to the present in the new episode of Bungou Stray Dogs.

Everything goes back to how it was in season 1 and it was like we had never been away from that story. Thankfully being so far removed from that story I was able to enjoy Kyoka and Nakajima much more as characters because my prejudices against them are kind of forgotten. I remember there were a lot of things I hated about both of them but in this episode they were just being dorks and they worked as a team well so  I can’t really remember what my problems with them were.

I’m sure I’ll remember soon.

It was the start of the war between the Agency, Mafia and Guild and of course like you have to the Guild made a fantastic entrance and we kind of got to see the three different leaders and their differences shine through.

We have the Agency who wants peace and to help whilst the Mafia is what a Mafia always is but the Guild is more like a business with Fritzgerald looking for money and power. All three want the city and I think the Mafia and Agency kind of know that neither can beat the other but with the Guild now in the middle of it all the cards have been thrown off the table and the Mafia apparently are focusing on getting rid of the Agency first and foremost.

I think the series will be interesting seeing how all the different sides interact. It won’t be a war without someone forming a contract with the other and it is hard to see which side is going to want to work with which, at the end of the day the Mafia and Agency have been at each others throats for so long that as I said both know that they can’t really beat the other. I think if they absolutely had to the Agency might just about be able to win but they aren’t looking to destroy anything just stop bad things from happening, their hatred for each other might be enough to send the Mafia to the Guild but then again the Mafia might side with just about everyone and let the Guild and Agency fight it out…

If their attempt at the Presidents life fails that is of course.

Kyoka is obviously going to play a big role in this and that might have been one of my main problems with them but we’ll wait and see. I liked the way the Mafia tried to get her back and now she is missing and all three sides will want someone who can’t control their powers but can be controlled to be working for them. She’s also gone back to being a bit of a liability after Nakajima found out that she apparently killed her parents, he questions her but I feel like he was going to ask her why she didn’t tell him about it rather then why she killed them but he was interrupted and Kyoka went missing pretty much instantly.

It was action packed which left little time for us to get to know the characters any better then we already did or give anyone really a big moment to shine in. With so many characters now all ready to die a death for their cause it’ll be difficult to see too many of them getting enough time on the TV for us to really care. I hope I’m wrong though because I truly believe the Guild are going to appear and be destroyed but they have so many interesting characters that I would love to see more of them and not just have them all killed.

I fear for them. I really do.


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