The Rising of the Shield Hero : Wave of Catastrophe

Episode 3

Saiyaku no Nami” (災厄の波)

It didn’t take us long to get to the first wave of the Catastrophe that the Heroes were summoned to fight. The question is how well does Naofumi do?

What you need to take away from this episode is simple.

Motoyasu, Ren and Itsuki see this world as a game. Whilst that helped them in so much as they gained respect for understanding the world faster and getting what to do it also means they have little to no respect for the people around them. They rush straight to the centre of the wave hoping to fight the monsters at the heart which all sounds really heroic until, like Naofumi, you realise a village of people are also being targeted by the monsters coming from the wave and haven’t been evacuated and need help.

What is the best way to deal with this?

Maybe there isn’t a better way and them seeing it as a game meant the wave went better then if they had been thrust into the world the way Naofumi has and actually cared about the land they were in more then just playing the hero like they are.

In the end what happened was Naofumi went and protected the village on his own, evacuating them with the help of Raphtalia and defending it as best he can with a small group of Royal Guards who decided to stay back and fight with him instead of “going to join the Three Heroes” and leaving him on his own. What also will happen is that whilst the rumours might not go away completely people are going to be less and less inclined to believe their saviour, a guy who is hell bent on saving others not showing off on the battle field of caring about rewards because he isn’t entitled to any, is capable of the things people accuse him of.

So whilst maybe they are looking at this the right way Naofumi, who due to a horrid scheme is now seen as the lowest of the low, is actually becoming part of the actual world around him instead of seeing these like NPCs and monster fodder that isn’t to be too worried about.

What we’ve also learnt is that Raphtalia is still unaware of the rumor surrounding Naofumi at this moment in time. After her first encounter with the other heroes they mention it and she seems oblivious so we still have to see what her reaction is going to be when someone blurts it out and personally I don’t see why someone would be bothered by it now.

She was a slave that was treated badly but has been in a way saved by Naofumi and given a purpose. He’s kind to her and works WITH her and has never EVER touched her in any way that isn’t totally respectful. In fact in this very episode he seems completely unimpressed with the fact that her leveling up seems to mean she’s growing up too and is perplexed by how everyone else is falling over themselves to give her things because she’s cute.

If there is one character that should be completely and utterly incapable of seeing that rumor as true it has to be Raphtalia.

I get that there needs to be a OMG moment in there when she finds out but it might just be a nice change if the bonds characters make didn’t mean that there ever needs to be a prolonged moment of someone rethinking everything about everyone.

It would just be nice if she finds out and refuses to believe it because she just knows it is untrue.

All the fight scenes in this episode were great, by the time the episode had finished it felt like I’d been sat here watching it for a good hour or so not because it felt drawn out but because I couldn’t believe it was able to put so much out there in such a short period of time and be as entertaining as it was. It was a really good episode and made me hate the other heroes a little bit more, feel bad for Naofumi a whole bunch more and understand the world just that little better.

Who knows what this world has in store for Naofumi next.

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