Dororo (2019) : The Story of Jukai

Episode 3

Jukai no Maki” (寿海の巻)

In the last episode we learnt that the baby that had his body ravaged is called Hyakkimaru. He doesn’t mind having Dororo stick around him though that is mainly because he gives off the aura of being a non-threat and Dororo won’t go away. They have now teamed up with Hoshi, the old man who saw Hyakkimaru sailing away as a baby, who also only see’s the world through aura’s.

At least Dororo has someone to talk to now!

I have found it hard to really review this episode, I’ve been trying to do so since Monday and just find myself telling you what happened in the show.

Jukai is the man who we’ve seen roaming the battlefield, he was the man who saved Hyakkimaru as a baby and gave him a name. This episode was completely about Jukai and what he did and what he believes he has to do.

The opening of this episode was possibly one of the hardest things to watch. Jukai was crucifying people for his Lord which didn’t just include nailing them to crosses but cutting parts of the off too as warning for other enemies. It ended with him having to do the same to someone he knew and him attempting suicide.

I guess it is a hard episode to understand really. What happened is easy enough to understand but what purpose it served is up to us to decide I guess.

Whilst it was nice to know who Jukai was and why he did what he did at the same time he could have always been just a nameless person. Knowing his background was interesting and I honestly really like the character more then most of the rest of the cast but they’ve filled in the blanks of a character that as of this moment isn’t that important and whilst it explained how Hyakkimaru ended up where he is currently it went beyond that.

In fact the smallest detail of this story was everything to do with Hyakkimaru and I don’t know if this was the first time they’ve said in the show definitively that he has to kill demons to get the things he lost back or if it has been said before but that seemed to be the main point of it.

You can but hope now then that other characters such as Biwa will now have something to flesh him out a little because he at least is travelling with Hyakkimaru so it would make more sense to talk about him.

Graphically and emotionally the episode took a toll.

It was hard to watch and really made me feel more emotional then most anime’s ever come close to making me feel.

There is also a interesting underlying story of Hyakkimaru’s actual family.

His father is a simple man, we don’t need to know much more about him then what we’ve seen but his brother Tahomaru is a interesting one. The way he reacts to his mother and that statue that blasted apart when Hyakkimaru was born intrigues me and whilst I originally thought that maybe if Hyakkimaru came back to his family at any point he might be happy to see he has a brother who lived and is powerful enough to have killed all these demons I’m starting to think he’ll see him as much of a enemy as his father will.

His father of course will see him as a enemy because by taking back the gifts his father gave the demons his bond with the demons is breaking apart leaving him in a vulnerable position.

Whilst the mother might be thrilled to see him again the brother will be angry on behalf of his father and maybe even jealous that even when thought dead his brother was able to have this impact on his mother for the rest of her life. Seeing that his father has little to no real human emotion and is incapable of truly loving anyone but himself whilst Tahomaru might be spoiled as the heir to his fathers name I doubt he gets the love he needs from his father and maybe doesn’t like the fact he’s sharing love with his mother to a ghost who then suddenly reappears after shaking up his entire world.

THAT is interesting.

Not that Jukai and his story wasn’t.

I just think it was too early in the season to have this kind of story because it took me out of the flow of the story to tell me about a really interesting character that has little to no actual point at this moment in time. I could have done with a little more mystery on the main story and just built the friendship of the people around Hyakkimaru more before a character like Jukai was fleshed out.

Again whilst I know that it did fill in the gap from baby to now for Hyakkimaru his part in the episode was small and could have been told in a better way if that was the ONLY reason for doing so. Whilst it is nice to see the story of Jukai it is only episode three and other then him walking around a battlefield we have no real need to know who he is or why he was so kind to Hyakkimaru at the moment.

Fantastic episode though.

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