Mob Psycho 100 II : One Danger After Another ~Degeneration~

Episode 3

Last week was actually pretty scary for a Mob Psycho episode so this week it’ll be interesting to see where the story goes.

It kind of sticks with the scary but twists it in a different way.

Mob is having a bit of a crisis, being a kind and gentle soul he is a easy target for bullying and tends to go with whatever he’s being told but injustice to anyone, ghost or human, will effect him greatly.

This season seems to be more about Mob growing as a person then anything else but it seems to also be closing the gap between our world and the world that Mob is part of. Whilst he just wants to live in peace others don’t, he has people who will protect him from bullies but to be honest there is truth in the fact that if you don’t stick up for yourself then they just get worse at the same time he see’s how hatred can drive someone to curse others and doesn’t want to lead down the road of becoming like that.

At the same time why would he hurt a innocent and peace loving spirit doing no harm just because a human has said they are scared?

If he has a customer, as he does in this episode, who is terrified and wants the ghost gone then who is he to say otherwise? The fact he’d refuse would hurt the human in a lesser degree but it would still hurt another human and is the existence of these peaceful spirits more important then the mental well being of other humans?

It is a important part of Mob’s psychological growth because at the moment he’s looking at a problem that he thinks has two options and the fact that he is so powerful, and so many people are now reminding him of that, he thinks he has to pick one or the other when in actual fact his mentor Reigen has the right mind frame for it. Mob doesn’t really express himself and because he doesn’t so often then not he is fighting with things like this on his own without anyone being able to offer him another way out.

Reigen showed him the way out in this episode but I think a general “he’s a con artist” look at Reigen hides what he ACTUALLY did from Mob’s train of thought.

When it became apparent that the option was to hurt peaceful ghosts or lie to humans so they get a peace of mind Reigen went with lying. As Reigen isn’t the most trustworthy of adults it won’t become clear to Mob that that IS a way to not only not harm innocents but to help humans. Those three don’t know whether the ghosts are gone or not but they THINK they are which is all they really wanted, they didn’t want to think that there were ghosts anymore. At the same time a family of ghosts whose only purpose was to spend time as a family until they are ready to give that up were spared being killed unfairly a second time just because three people WENT TO THEIR HOUSE TO TAKE A SPIRIT PHOTO and didn’t like the fact that there was a spirit in it.

Was it right to con those people?

To be fair the right answer is not to indulge people like that in the first place and allow them to dictate what is right or wrong to you when you know better.

For Mob it might have been too much, for Reigen it was enough to save Mob the pain of having to think about it. In the general scheme of things nothing stops them from going back and taking another photo and complaining you didn’t do your job right but that shouldn’t matter.

Mob is stuck in the middle of two worlds and he’s a loving and caring kid who doesn’t want to harm people or spirits with his power.

The problem is this mental strain is going to lead him down one or the other path and that is a scary thought.

Really enjoyed the episode, love it when Reigen is a main focus of the show too them two are a great double act and I just love watching them bounce off of each other. The story of the stalker next door who can use out of body experiences to spy on his neighbour was the most creepy of all things and it was also a moment that Reigen really TRULY let Mob down as when Mob questioned why the girl didn’t feel anything when she found out it was a human that liked her  the truth of the matter is no one has to like anyone else.

This season definitely is giving us more to think about.

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