Week 39 : How do you know God does or does not exist?

Religion and God in general is a extremely difficult thing to talk about without offending people so I’ll try as hard as I can not to offend anyone whilst talking about how I know whether or not God exists.

For me personally I don’t think God as a bearded entity in the sky exists.

I can get behind people in the bible being real, I can get behind people in all holy texts being real. It is something I learnt whilst doing Classic Civilizations at college that just because a story seems ridiculous and made up doesn’t mean there isn’t some truth behind what is written, especially in times when histories and important things were passed more by word of mouth then by actually reading.

In this day and age we have newspapers that will report what happens to a degree of accuracy, back then people passed on news by word of mouth and if they add a bit of supernatural stuff in on top of that then more people probably just listened to their stories.

For me the proof that a essence that you could claim is God exists because so many people all over the globe at different points before this media age created these deities to watch over them, help them, tell them right from wrong and give them a sense of belonging. If God, and when I say God I mean any God from any religion ever, does exist then it is a shared need as humans to have a set of invisible rules for humanity to be governed by, people who don’t believe will say they just follow the law and have morals etc but these are all concepts created by humans in the same way that back in ancient times breaking a “law” would be punishable because you upset a God.

Humans weren’t born with a rule book saying they should do this and shouldn’t do that. We are animals that evolved, and I know when talking about God this is going to be something people don’t agree with because of creationism and all that,  but in my opinion there was never a set of rules but humanity created the existence of Gods to give them purpose.

Now it is a bit different but I don’t look down on those who believe in God because whilst I don’t think we could ever truly prove a God exists at the same time they do exist in the hearts of those who believe in them. I know that truly horrid things are done in the name of religion but just like everything millions upon millions of religious humans are nice people who are open minded and find comfort, companionship and fulfillment from believing in God with other believers.

So yeah I guess what I’m saying is it is obvious the religion and Gods in general exist as a concept, you can’t prove there is a actual God but they were all created for reasons and whilst I am not religious in any way I do think that the feeling and shared belief of a God makes it exists in a way if not in a physical way.

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