DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #7

This week might be my favourite week mainly because all my favourites are on the card tonight.

So with Haskins vs the Anti Fun Police, Nathan Cruz probably losing and me crying and Lucky Kidd vs Bad Bones we’re in for a treat! Then again the question is… Will Ameen find the glasses so Phantasmo can wrestle again?!


So his last suspect seems to be Visage who is too busy being wonderful to steal anything or answer any questions. It was short and got Visage on the TV again and that is all that matters. The investigation is a complete bust though.

So no more Phantasmo? Sad face.

Winner : Mark Haskins (DQ)

Mark Haskins is really REALLY fast. He hits people hard but he does it so fast that it makes you feel more breathless then Haskins ever looks.

Match was never ending barrage of attack from the duo of Drake and Dunne who, as it was tornado tag rules, were both in the ring at the same time. Whilst Haskins was able to use his speed to get a upper hand here and there the number games was too much for him for long periods of the match.

Double Armbar to Drake and Dunne was absolutely amazing and showed just how dangerous Haskins is that he can do something like that but he had the awareness to see Drake coming and take him down at the same time as taking down Dunne.

Haskins won via DQ after Drake seemingly got bored of the match and hit Haskins with the megaphone, the post match beat down didn’t even go that well for the Anti Fun Police when Haskins managed to wrestle the chair off of them and even managed to stand tall in the ring on his own in the end. Where this story is going I don’t know but it was cool to see that Haskins was never truly bothered by the two of them on his own proving he doesn’t need Vicky or Havoc to be the bad ass he is.


So he hasn’t found the glasses but Phantasmo is getting a internet title match as a consolation Phantasmo can try and get the Internet Championship off of Kirby and back on YouTube.

He’s doing it for the YouTubes!

Though at the same time he said he’d never wrestle for DEFIANT again without his glasses and now he is wrestling for DEFIANT without his glasses. Then again… Later on… You might find out that Ameen might just find those glasses before Unstoppable.


Well Joe has seen the tapes and agrees with Rory to some point mainly because he’s worried that Primate is going to turn on him. Primate says he won’t and he’ll prove it somehow by fighting BT Gunn next week ,which is going to be a great match by the way, but I honestly can see where this is going and poor Joe…

Winner : Omari

I spoke at length that there were a few ways this could go and only one way I didn’t want to see it go and it went that one way.

It was a decent match, Omari got a lot of offence in at the beginning and things like those kicks on the apron to Cruz and using his legs to hit a strutting Cruz when he thought he was out of range was great. Cruz though targeted Omari’s arm and spent the entire match not only wearing him down but attacking the arm making it difficult for Omari to get his shoulder up but also to hit his finisher.

Pains me to say it but the match felt a little too long for what happened. Crowd weren’t into it because it was a psychological thing, Cruz wearing Omari down and showing off that Omari wasn’t going to back down. Whilst the match was amazing they as characters didn’t work so much together and even as a biased Nathan Cruz fan I found it dragged a little in the middle. For Cruz to then lose by a roll up just made the match feel even longer after it finished which is a strange as hell thing to say but it really felt like it lasted longer then it probably did by the time it ended.

I think the fans are behind Omari and they love to boo Cruz but they weren’t into the story and I think whilst it had a good beginning having Omari call out Cruz in the way he did last week just killed any interest in this match. It looked to be a interesting story that was kind of rushed that then had a decent match that didn’t set the world on fire and ended up just feeling disappointing.

Waiting to see what happens next because I kinda like Omari and I love Nathan Cruz and I want this story to feel completed but right now… I dunno.

Sad Cruz lost.


Lana Austin doesn’t want to face Bea Priestley. She’ll do anything not to face her…

Including giving Ameen a clue on how to find Phantasmo’s glasses which is weird as hell seeing Phantasmo doesn’t really need them anymore seeing that he’s decided to wrestle anyway.

Ameen doesn’t scratch Austins back but he does give her a title match which will be interesting but just means she’ll go into her match with Priestley with a loss because why take the belt of Kanji when she hasn’t even done anything and isn’t even that important to this story anyway?


Nothing much happened other than they phoned Ospreay and had to leave a message meaning that Ospreay is probably not going to help them…

Winner : John “Bad Bones” Klinger

Slightly better version of the last match which isn’t a good sign when my mind instantly thinks of the two matches being pretty much the same thing.

Random more experience wrestler attacking younger crowd favourite, match with little to no build up and the bad guy controls the majority of the match. Only difference is that they allowed Bad Bones to be dominant and win whilst Omari had to win his match else where was the happy ending to the night?

It wasn’t slightly better because Klinger won though it was better because Kid is more able to tell a story in his matches then Omari maybe is. Cruz played his part as did Klinger but whilst Omari was just in a wrestling match Lucky Kid dropped his goofy persona COMPLETELY in the match with none of the head games or the silly stuff, attacking Klinger straight off the bell and trying to over come the mountain in front of him purely using his wrestling skill. You could see he was focused and determined compared to his usual crazy in ring antics and it made the match better. I was more interested in seeing what happened when in the Omari match I wasn’t even though he was against one of my favourites.

Bad Bones dominated the match for the majority though. It was slow and calculated, he didn’t need to focus on one part of Kid because he focused on just damaging him as much as possible.

After Klinger won Lucky Kid just laughed and laughed and then told Klinger someone who isn’t coming is coming because the guy signed for NXT before he could come…

Then Sysum showed up said interesting in the most boring way possible.

What you can actually take away from this is that Lucky Kid might be weird and he might be German but he works as a creepy weird German guy who could be really good in a feud with someone like Rory Coyle in future just to try and out creep each other. I mean Lucky Kid and his psychological warfare is ready to take on just about anyone and I hope he gets a longer story against somewhere where we can see that part of his character more prominently.


Overall it was a good show. Really good first match, stories being pushed forward all over the place and a great main event. Shame about the ending but nothing DEFIANT could do, shame all my favourites lost and that I had to admit I didn’t enjoy a Nathan Cruz match but still a brilliant show.

Next week we have Kirby coming out to speak to look forward too as well as the Gunn vs Primate match. I think there was also a No Fun Dunne vs Visage match announced but I’m not too sure because I wasn’t paying that much attention but I know it was announced for some time.

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