Anime Highlights Week 2

Week 2 of our Anime Highlights are out and YES I published it without writing the intro because I’m a idiot and that is all we have for the intro this week…

The Legend of the Flasher….

I will start this week with probably the most fun thing I’ve seen.

The Red Coat in Mob Psycho 100 II which turned out to be a flasher.

Now I know what you are all thinking “it isn’t funny” but it was hilarious. From the cool Street Fighter moment between the flasher and Shinra to just the amount of times we had to see his hairy butt I couldn’t help but chuckle. It actually even got a little scary when they kind of took him down a very real slippery slope, from someone who had a random kink who got a little famous and then enjoyed that fame so much he felt he was untouchable he looked to be heading in a even worse direction knowing that he’d have to leave town and craving that fame he was now used too.

Thankfully the tale of the Red Coat is simply a flasher who Shinra, the Dragger and Mob all managed to send to jail.

His butt is not something I’m gonna forget in a hurry!

Don’t base your opinion on appearances!

So in three episodes this week we got the lesson that not everything is as it seems.

First up in Dororo it was the Bandai that was disguised as a human woman that fooled the titular Dororo, in Mob Psycho 100 II we saw how Urban Legends don’t actually need to be a spiritual thing. Sometimes it is just a flasher in a red coat or a dog with marker on their face… Though sometimes they are also scary monsters born from imagination that try to drown you. Finally we had a glimpse of the cute little things that the Magical Girls had to destroy in their war giving you reason to punch that person approaching you dressed as Mickey Mouse knowing full well that they might be a danger to you.

So anime this week has taught us a lesson.

Stay away from perverts in red coats, as I warn above, and also don’t judge things based on what they look like. Give that human faced dog a bath or try to beat that dashing granny…. Don’t trust pretty women or get scared by weird monsters with bells.

Also stop fueling creepy as fuck beings with our imaginations.

Getting to know Old Friends!

So we have our “flashback” reviews coming out with Bungo Stray Dogs, a series that I loved but never completed the second season. With the news of a third coming out in April I thought it was a nice series to review at the same time as the others and that meant getting to know some of our old friends again.

It was a sad return to the series though as the story of Dasai’s past comes to a end in dramatic fashion. A sad day for us all but it is a positive that we’ll finally find out what happens next in Bungou Stray Dogs now I’ve gotten off my ass and decided to finish it. Bodes well for the rest of the year right?


Well not fucking eyes but you know what I mean.

Whilst Mob Psycho uses a variety of different animation styles to catch our attention and notify us as something strange happens, The Promised Neverland has the perfect animation style to send shivers down your spine in the best possible way.

In this weeks episode nothing hit home more how good this anime is then when Emma was forced to smile and act normal in front of Mom just for the actual character to have completely dead eyes at the same time. I might bang on about this forever more because it was simply a moment that made me lose my mind, something I don’t even see actual actors/actresses get across very well and yet they NAILED IT in this episode.

I love both Mob Psycho’s crazy animation style and The Promised Neverland’s subtle but amazing use of animation to get the terror characters are feeling or those small moments where we need to feel uneasy over and just shows that there are so many ways to do whatever you want well how the hell did those making the Junji Ito Collection last year get it so wrong on nearly EVERY SINGLE STORY?!

Those background characters STEALING the show!

So I guess you know I’m gonna have a bit of a thing about Gabiru right now.

It isn’t all about Gabiru but we’ll start with him because he deserves to be started with.

I mean I don’t want to sound like a broken record but isn’t he a wonderful character? You might look at him and see a joke but actually he’s a very interesting character. He is pretty much the reckless young man that you’ll see in just about everything but his true goal is to prove himself to a father who you see very obviously keeps him at arms length and doesn’t tell him everything he needs to know. He has a little group that believe in him and that bolsters his confidence but he’s shown to have humility and whilst he’s played as a comic background character his attempt to prove himself, attempt to save his people and subsequent banishment from his home and his birthright make him one of the surprisingly more interesting characters of the entire show.

Maybe we’re not meant to look that deeply into a character who acts like Prince Charming, has a lot of charisma but is constantly the butt of most jokes but if that is true they have inadvertently made a complex character that a lot of people can actually relate too.

I mean people strive to impress those above them whether they be parents, peers or friends. Sometimes you run head first into a losing battle just because you don’t have all the facts but are determined to show worth. EVERYONE will do things they deep down might know is wrong because they feel they need to do it. He isn’t a character that is so hard to believe in like a lot of the characters in most of the shows.

Other side characters deserving mention?

Boss in The Rising of the Shield Hero. He’s a bit of a strange one but I’ve become interested in how he actually views Naofumi more then anything else. He very much is a character that we’ll probably never actually hear much from but he seemed to be able to see through the lies just by looking at Naofumi, to be fair he was there and saw the relationship and knew Naofumi better then anyone and I just want a episode where Boss actually tells us what he really thinks of him. He now is witness to Naofumi having a slave that he treats OKish if not a little tough yet says little about it, he is happy to have him in his store and treats him with more respect then someone who thinks he’s in the company of a rapist would so it is obvious he doesn’t believe in the rumours but there is something that just makes me want to hear out loud how he feels about Naofumi.

I don’t know, I have this thing for background characters obviously.

Also the psychic from Mob Psycho, when he came barging into the episode I honestly didn’t think I’d like him at all but under the rough exterior he showed that he took his job really seriously and actually really went for it when fighting the Dragger. I liked that we got to see someone as serious as Mob about their job and whilst he might have been a con man he obviously was less of one then Reigen.


That is it for this week! I think this is all the show’s we’ll be watching this season though we might have another catch up one to go with Bungou Stray Dogs if we have time to do so. I think it has been a strong start to the season and there are some great shows out there with really good moments. Let us know what your highlights have been and what shows you guys are watching that we aren’t.

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