The Promised Neverland : 131045

Episode 2

With such a strong start things can only go south can’t they?

For a change a strong start is followed by a outstanding second episode and I’m chuffed to bits about that.

Something this show has so far done is utilize the animation to really hit home the horror aspect. It was less in the way they moved around like the first episode and more in the characters themselves.

You know the whole “smiling with your mouth and not with your eyes” thing?

They managed to perfectly do that with Emma in this episode. Terrified as she was at seeing Mom for the first time since finding out the truth of their existence she was frozen to the spot unable to be her usual cheerful self, Norman on the other hand found it easier to fake and forced her into faking a smile to keep up appearances and I have never EVER seen a anime portray smiling with your mouth and not your eyes as perfectly as they did with Emma.

She still looked petrified.

So much happened in the episode without it ever feeling dragged out or boring. Which I thought was impossible after recent horror shows that dragged just about everything they could out of anything they could.

They decide their route which is blocked by a giant, smooth wall they will struggle to climb, the find out that there are tracking devices in them somehow and even clue Ray in who takes a lot to convince to go along with their EVERYONE is to escape plan over the more sensible take those who can survive plan. In fact he is the one that actually brings up one of the biggest problems to Emma.

If they are on a farm being raised for demons then why would there be a safe place outside the farm for humans?

This world is a demon society so when they escape their problems are only just starting and it is something that Norman didn’t want to tell Emma because he doesn’t want to see her upset but it is something she needed to know.

Again this is why having the three of them together is a good idea. They bounce off each other well having three very different personalities, sets of goals and sets of strengths. Norman likes Emma, at 11 take that as you will, so he doesn’t want to upset her and it looks like he’ll happily sacrifice himself for her happiness, Emma is too busy trying to save everyone that she doesn’t really have a plan so much as she’ll bother the other two into figuring it out and then there is Ray…

So far Ray hasn’t really been in the picture. He is a loner and tends to spend most of this time on his own even though he’s seen to be friends with Emma and Norman. They do decide to clue him in on what is happening but he has already got bored at that point of waiting and follows them anyway, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and whilst he ends up giving in and helping I think he’ll be the first person to drop their plan and go with the more likely to succeed options if needed.

Not only that but I feel like both Ray and Norman could go either way.

Whilst it seems that Norman has feelings of whatever kind for Emma I think both him and Ray are too smart not to end up being the main problems facing Emma and her escape. They both know fully well that getting 37, now 38, kids out of this building isn’t going to be easy. They both know that what awaits them on the other side of the wall is going to be a impossible place to survive. Whilst I had my doubts about whether we can trust Norman this episode shows that he himself is terrified of what is happening too but I wouldn’t put it past one of them being groomed in some way for something more sinister.

It might not happen but I just don’t feel comfortable just trusting all three of them at this moment.

One thing I loved was that as smart as they are they didn’t think about their patterns.

Ray follows the other two without thinking that him missing from his  usual spot might raise suspicions, I don’t know if it was that which spurned Mom into reacting but suddenly a new little girl and a new adult called Sister Krone show up making their impossible escape even more impossible.

So many things could go wrong in this series and the scary thing is when/if they escape there is nothing on the other side of the wall that they can run too. What if it is just walls separating two farms? We currently just don’t know. It isn’t going to stop them though.

Honestly can’t wait to see what happens next.

2 thoughts on “The Promised Neverland : 131045”

  1. They have done an excellent job with atmosphere and I think Emma’s smile was brilliantly done.
    I was wondering the same thing about the wall and whether it just separated two farms, but I guess we’ll eventually find out.

    1. It was the first thing I thought of to be honest when I saw the farm. Maybe just coming from somewhere with a lot of farms I instantly thought boundary wall, after all they aren’t going to want to let the kids mingle in bigger groups to form any kind of opinion. It is probably why it is rare to have three intelligent kids together as well. Will be interesting to see what is on the other side and if it isn’t another farm then what the world they are on looks like!

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