The Rising of the Shield Hero : The Slave Girl

Episode 2

Dorei no Shōjo” (奴隷の少女)

A rather long yet interesting first episode saw the Shield Hero Naofumi make quite the impact on the new world he is in to protect.

Now thought of as a rapist and turned cynical and angry he is off to buy a slave to fight for him seeing that he is incapable of having a offensive weapon and needs to level up before the next wave appears and he gets himself killed.

Personally the episode went the way I thought it would.

Naofumi, no matter what has happened to him and how he feels about the world, isn’t a bad person so whilst he goes along with the slave stuff right away knowing that he needs someone to help him level up and fight he doesn’t actually treat her like a slave and instead of a slave/master relationship blooming a friendship does instead.

Whilst I was cynical about how he’d fall in love with a slave that he’s brought Raphtalia is actually only a kid and he see’s her more like a adopted kid then anything else. It was nice to see him just look after her the entire episode and whilst he could be a bit tough on her it helped her grow as a person. It did get a little tedious nearer the end of the episode him telling her to do something just for her good nature or fear to have to be overwritten but it wasn’t a bad episode. I felt like her fear of blood and fear of the dog monsters could have been handled in one or at least two different episodes, it is nice to have Raphtalia’s story all in one but at the same time it was basically two very similar and long drawn out moments in the space of 10 minutes.

So far Raphtalia hasn’t really added, or I guess taken away, anything from the show. She’s just there and much like the shield is just something at Naofumi’s side to help him. Whilst we see a softer side to him we always knew that the softer side was there, it wasn’t like he was always this cynical and angry young man we’ve seen this world make him that way so it wasn’t really surprising to see that whilst he might take a slave he wasn’t going to treat her like that. He does at times take his bond with her to the max but as I said it is tough training that he knows he needs to put her through to keep himself and everyone else alive.

Which I guess added to the tediousness of it too.

After the bunny scene she knows that he is the Shield Hero that is there to save the world from the kind of things that happened to her family yet whilst I get that the dog monster was a bit different she still needed to be reminded that they are training to fight these monsters. Even then it was her growing bond with Naofumi as a parental figure that made her decide to fight when she’d already made her mind up to fight alongside him when she knew that his job was to prevent what had happened to her happening again.

Again I GET the two separate story points. They were thrown together in such close succession though that I actually shouted “Just get on with it” at the TV when she wouldn’t attack and was letting Naofumi get hurt by the dog Monster.

It didn’t ruin the episode which was more about solidifying their bond before anything else can happen.

He’s been kind to her, like he has been to everyone before he was accused of being a rapist, he’s clothed her, fed her and trained her. When she wakes from night terrors he holds her and calms her down, when she pee’s the bed he doesn’t scould her but comforts her. She has seen the bond he has with the weapon owner and now I guess the bond is strong enough that no matter what happens when she comes face to face with people who are more likely to call him out for being a rapist or even the other heroes she’s not going to back down from his side. Of course she couldn’t but I think the important thing will be that she won’t want too not because of the curse but because she’s seen Naofumi not the monster the rumours make him out to be and she just won’t believe them.

Not only that we’ve seen her parents tell her that the Shield Hero is the one that is kind to Demi-Humans.

We’ve seen the world they live in where Demi-Humans are treated badly, she is scared to follow him into a restaurant because they have a sign saying they won’t feed Demi-Humans but he ignores it and orders her food anyway. She’s been told by her family that the Shield Hero is friends to Demi-Humans and he’s gone out of his way to show that.

In other words I will be so disappointed if she comes face to face with say Myne and her accusations and even for a second stutters.

She knows how it is like to be looked down on and treated differently and she knows Naofumi and whilst he might not have talked to her about it before she meets Myne I just feel like their relationship is strong enough and he’s shown the real Naofumi to her enough that she would scream and shout in his defense and not think of him badly.

Maybe that is the point though?

To build you up just to have her question him and upset him more?

2 thoughts on “The Rising of the Shield Hero : The Slave Girl”

  1. I really enjoyed this episode and how they’ve established the relationship between Raphtalia and Naofumi. It was one of my favourite parts of the books and seeing it start out in the anime was great. Agree that the actual sequences of training Raphtalia did get a little repetitive, but the relationship now has a foundation so I’m looking forward to what comes next.

    1. Agreed, it was why it didn’t really annoy me that it got repetitive because I understood that it was important to get that relationship down right away, as fast as possible and make it appear as strong as it needs to be. I like that she brought out the side to Naofumi that looked like it might have died in the last episode and proves that no matter what he is still human inside and the bad things that have happened to him haven’t changed him on the inside.

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