Bungo Stray Dogs : Bungo Stray Dogs

Episode 16

Bungō Sutorei Doggusu” (文豪ストレイドッグス)

So one show that I loved the first season of and started the second season but never finished is Bungo Stray Dogs. So with a third season on its way I thought we’d get up to date with this one before the third starts, three episodes in we start with Episode 4 of season two (episode 16 altogether) and with the story of Dazai’s past continuing we see the consequences of the explosion that killed the kids that Oda had saved and looked after.

Of course everything is a set up to get Oda and Gide to face each other and that is exactly what they did. The government wanted Gide sorted out, the Mafia helped push it along to get their permit and in the end the Mafia lost Dazai and the world lost Oda which is super sad because out of everything in this story he was probably the best character.

There isn’t much I can say about the episode if I’m honest.

The battle was sad but we already kind of knew what was coming. Dazai after all has already left the Mafia and it makes sense that a death of a friend who was let down by the Mafia was the reason he’d leave, it was obvious in the last episode that Oda was going to be the one that dies I mean it was obvious from the beginning but you know what I mean. So whilst it was a cool looking battle and we got to hear a lot of what made Oda… Oda there isn’t much else in this episode that really stick out.

Honestly think it was a great idea to have this kind of stand in the middle of the two seasons because whilst it kind of stopped the flow of the story and at first took me by surprise it was nice to get another side to Dazai before everything else kicked off. To see how the Mafia works but also see how gang warfare is kind of conducted in this world.

Dazai as a character is still a mystery in many ways, I think he is one of those characters you’ll never truly understand. There are so many sides to him that I think it would be impossible to actually nail down just one personality but I like that about him and they use it to their strength in the episodes because whilst underneath it all he’s a very caring and loyal person he doesn’t have to always come over that way.

Best part of the episode was Ranpo showing up. Love him. My baby. He’s back. Can’t wait to see what he gets up to now.

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