That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime : The Jura Forest Alliance

Episode 15

Jura no Mori Dai Dōmei” (ジュラの森大同盟)

The threat of the Orc Lord has passed. Rimuru has shown his strength to all around and the Ogre’s are now fully happy to follow him forward instead of going their own separate ways.

All that can happen is a Alliance between Rimuru’s village, the other Goblins, the Lizard Men and the Orcs surely?!

It was actually a really jam packed episode to start off the next part of the story.

Rimuru creates the Forest Alliance which is what is to be expected I guess. With the Demon Lord Geld now defeated and his story now told to at least Rimuru the question of the Orcs seems like a simple one to deal with. He makes the alliance stronger by making them put their problems to one side, each component of the alliance will help the other with trading and help to stop things like the famine that nearly killed the Orcs and set them on the path that Geld took.

It was the obvious Rimuru path to take.

After that the Dwarf kingdom, the one that banned Rimuru and Kajin from ever returning to their city, form a alliance with them too and the village now turned city and basically the growing kingdom of Rimuru is named. The Capital City Rimuru and the Jura Tempest Federation.

As I said it was jam packed but it was a lot of talking and getting the first part of the series completely under wraps. Compared to any other story told this season it is the only one that felt like it wasn’t rushed and therefore it was a really enjoyable episode even if its main point was to set the pieces of the next story into motion. With the Orcs Labour the Capital City Rimuru is looking good, the Dwarf King is well aware that whether he likes it or not Rimuru is going to take over the entirety of the forest so is smart to make friends with him now and Gabiru is excommunicated….

Poor Gabiru.

Though this might bring him back to Rimuru which will be interesting. I really would like to see what he’d do under Rimuru and the others, the Ogres are much more level headed and would teach him a lot and I think being in the Capital City and close to that story he’d grow so that in the end he would make a great Chieftain of his people no matter what his punishment is now.

He lacked experience, experience in battle he now has and he’s learnt not to judge monsters by their appearance or by his own confidence but by what he knows about them. Now he needs other skills and I think with Rimuru he will get them and we’ll see a completely new side to him.

That is what I’m hoping.

He did want to talk to Rimuru when he thought he was going to die so it’ll be interesting if that is where he ends up as he didn’t actually give any indication of where he was going just that he had his three friends with him.

Another good episode and I’m slightly more excited for the next story then I thought I would be.

It had a new opening, new ending and some new beginnings in the actual story, it feels like we’re going to get something good to end what has been a bit of a mixed barrel of things so far.

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