5 Things… Love them or hate them these are 5 WWE Entrances that absolutely get me hyped!

I tend to only really watch WWE PPVs at the moment and whilst watching TLC back in December I realised that some entrance themes just get me ready for a match whether I like the person in the match or not.

Here, off the top of my head, are the 5 I pick that I can’t help but get excited for. I’ll have honourable mentions at the end (because after thinking there are A LOT) and this only really covers main roster not NXT.

If there is one that gets you hyped no matter what let us know! (Mojo’s theme is banned seeing… Well he’s always hyped so his music has to be hype…)

5. Charlotte Flair

I was never a fan of hers in NXT but since coming to the main roster I’ve loved The Queen and I think a big part of it is that her music makes me excited and then she comes and delivers.

Even a poor match is a decent match with Charlotte in it.

She looks the part with the robes and the regal way she moves to the ring, the music is amazing and then she delivers in the ring. The best experience is a Charlotte match that is bookended by her music….

Well that is unless she’s facing one of my other favs like Becky….

4. Drew McIntyre

Biased. I love bagpipes, I love Drew. I like Sheamus’s music for much the same, I like the cultural sound. It is something, as someone who lives in the UK I guess, I’m used to and just love.

I’m talking about his current music obviously.

Nothing more to add because he is the only person I support 100% in this list.

3. Finn Balor

Never been a fan of Finns, I mean I like the guy well enough but have always found his matches boring and bland.

His music on the other hand isn’t just cool as hell, his musicality and theatrics aren’t just amazing… It all gets stuck in your head. You can’t help but turn into that Nerd you usually laugh at that sits there humming along and doing the movements to Randy Orton’s theme whenever Balors gets stuck in your head.

Also helps that he sometimes is a demon.

Never fails to get me hyped for his matches though.

2. Asuka

Everything about her entrance I love. The music is so cool and she is amazing. From the first time I heard it I get goosebumps the moment her music hits.

Like most on this list at first I didn’t really get her, I go through fazes of supporting her and not caring for her but I can’t help but get hyped when her music hits. Usually, specially on the main roster, that is about as hyped as I get, the matches never really live up to the expectations I have just because she’s the coolest thing around.

Still it is one of the best entrances in WWE.

1. Daniel Bryan

This one deserves number one for one reason.

I never watched the Yes Movement, I never saw Bryan at his best or his big underdog story. When I came back to WWE I just didn’t get him because of that.

I am not a Daniel Bryan fan.

His music always made me stand up and want to cheer him though, it was a odd thing to feel when you just don’t like him. I found him boring, I didn’t get what others saw in him but the moment his music hits you want to do the Yes chant. Exactly as I feel with Finns. Funnily I love him now that he’s a bad guy and NOT doing the Yes stuff down to the ring but before hand I’d always be hyped for his matches even though I didn’t get him and that was down to the music.



As I said there would be some honourable mentions so here they are. Miz, Nakamura, New Day (but mainly just Big E’s intro I guess), Tye Dillenger, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Tyler Breeze, Brock Lesnar and Becky Lynch. Why they didn’t make it? As simple as the other 5 just flew off the top of my head so much be my top 5, a few of them are my absolute favourites in WWE at the moment which might actually make a difference whilst those 5…. Aren’t.

So those are my picks, feel free to share your own.

My all time fav though…

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