Week 38 : Is There Such a Thing as Free Will?

Free will is the ability to choose what you do basically without being coerced or impeded by others.

I think there is.

I find it hard to explain what I mean to be honest because I keep writing the same thing in different ways and it makes no sense.

If at its simplest free will is the ability to make your own decisions in life then I think we do. Even if you have people trying to convince you of the path you take you still have the ability to pick it. Making a educated decision based on what others tell you even if what they tell you is a lie is free will. You have the ability to pick to choose, not choose or whatever else.

In countries where you are forced to live the life that others have set out for you then no you personally don’t have free will but that is something different. They still have the ability for free will they just live in countries that punish them for using it.

Where people debate it is when they look at our paths in life being predetermined and therefore we just follow the story that is set for us meaning we don’t have free will because we just do what we were programmed to at birth. Personally I don’t believe in that anyway, I do believe that every decision branches off, so whilst there are predetermined routes for everything you as a human have the free will to make your dimension whatever one you want.

Is that really free will?

Maybe not but when you go down that path there is no real reason to believe we are truly things and not just concepts in a larger things mind.

You can’t go back in time and redo something but the ability to pick is what free will is and even if our lives are predetermined you are kind of just being a dick by saying that disproves free will.

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