The Promised Neverland : 121045

Episode 1

Having liked the name I clicked on this first episode without really knowing what it was or what I was getting myself into. Boy was I surprised by what greeted me.

It is a hard one to put into words the journey I went through with this episode.

I went into it completely blind, I hadn’t looked up anything about it or even bothered to check the tags that are used with it. It just caught my attention so I popped it on. When it started there wasn’t really anything that screamed at me what was to come and honestly that made it even better.

Slowly it built this drama and tension that you couldn’t really figure out what it meant. It was very smart in how it does these things as well, it didn’t hit you over the head with creepy stuff. There were no shadowy figures watching, there wasn’t any menace in anything that was going on but there were little bits and pieces that made you wonder what type of world these kids were living in and what was going on. The focus on the tattoos on the kids necks, the angle being changed from close ups to who was talking to long shots of the group in seconds and just small changes in the animation of the faces. Absence of sound as well when they get to the restricted area, less is more and it added to the drama of what Emma and Norman found and made the scene so much more dramatic.

It was the slow build from something innocent looking with small unnerving hints at the darkness in store that made it so good.

What really made this a fantastic episode though was that you were able to bond instantly with the characters. Emma was a fun character, she just oozed love for those around her that was infectious, Norman though smart and able to put his book smarts into a practical use came over as being like a big brother just trying to get the others to open their eyes to a less innocent part of their world. Not in the same way that Ray seemed to already know that the world was a dark place but I think Ray might be a much more important character then he came across.

Together they form three sides to one ridiculous character so it is nice that they are three separate people. So often all three of them would be wrapped up into one character and the story would be annoying and boring but with this you get the feisty character who will fight for her family, the smart one who won’t be scared to sacrifice a pawn to save the army and the dark brooding one who doesn’t get involved.

Everything about this episode just made you want to know more. These kids are being grown as cattle but what are the monsters that are raising them? How do they end up in the orphanage? Who is Isabella? What does she get out of this?

This series could end up being one of the best series I’ve ever seen on the other hand it could be a disappointment like the Lost Village ended up being.

It is a joy to watch and the story was really good, characters were instantly likeable which made their plight even more terrifying and your need to see whether they escape or not the most important part of your week. It is one of the best first episodes I’ve ever seen.

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