Dororo (2019) : The Story of Bandai

Episode 2

So there is a human that is walking around that is barely human, a kid with a big gob that the show is named after and a power hungry dude who would do anything for more power. How he managed to have two kids with a seemingly lovely with I don’t know but this story is about his first son Hyakkimaru… And the annoying sidekick Dororo.

Dororo isn’t half as annoying as I thought he would be which is a good thing I guess, I was pretty sure that he was going to ruin the show but I think he’ll be good for the entire season. He pretty much needs to be there as the main character Hyakkimaru can’t speak, hear or properly see anything. Dororo now is the driving force of their adventures seeing that until he’s killed another few demons Hyakkimaru is pretty useless as a character.

This episode was pretty good at explaining a lot of things from how Hyakkimaru is able to survive to the world around them. You can kind of piece together everything that you need to know before it actually gets explained but it is nice to have it explained.

The old guy from the first episode is back and Hyakkimaru is able to see the “spirits” of beings like the old guy did, he keeps Dororo with him mainly because he knows he isn’t a threat and I guess he just sticks around which might be very unusual for Hyakkimaru. Together the old guy and Dororo are able to shed new light on Hyakkimaru and bring out some personality to the team which obviously a main character with limited resources can’t do.

Bandai is actually a woman who has taken over a village, they are poor so allow her to eat travelers as long as they get the money. She apparently looked to Dororo like his dead mum but there was obviously something up with her seeing she had two black dots on the top of her head, there wasn’t anything impressive about her defeat and we didn’t really get to see what it was that happened to Hyakkimaru after he defeated her, I think it might be his nervous system by the look of it but again it kind of cut out his story as it happened.

Really liked the team together if I’m honest. I mean I say that I think Dororo is going to be annoying but he had some great moments in this episode and managed to actually make me laugh a few times. It is interesting how they are bonding even though Hyakkimaru can’t actually communicate and it was a nice ending him writing his name in the sand so that Dororo knew who he was.

Didn’t really get the deal with the monster thing that wasn’t a monster, I get that he was obviously a good one but I probably missed when someone explained just what he was. It was a interesting lesson for Dororo, not to let appearances deceive you, but overall it was a bit of a plain episode. Enjoyable but nothing we didn’t really already know.

Still think it is a fantastic show though.

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