Anime Highlights Week 1

We have decided to do a run down every week of bits and pieces from the different anime we watch. A bit like our 5 Things… blog just these don’t have a limit on how many points they have, eventually we are planning on making it into a Podcast but at the moment we just wanted to highlight some of our favourite things on a weekly basis from across the board.

Usually we want to have these out on a Sunday but we had a busy week last week and we still haven’t actually made our minds up on what we are and aren’t watching so these are just a tiny handful of things from the first week of the Winter season from the four shows we’ve watched so far that have stood out.

Week 1 then…. New Anime starts.

Mob Entrance Is Sad….

We started the week full of hope and happiness that Mob is back. YAY!

When I say started I mean I watched Mob Psycho before everything else because I was tired and achy from a few hard days at work. But I was excited and barely could contain my interest in the opening.

Just so you know this is their first season opening…

Wonderful right?

There was something about the count down, the kind of mob chanting stuff that just made it a delight to watch every single episode.

Now we have this…

Which isn’t awful but I just wanted something different I guess. I don’t know it started off really well and it still had the bits that I love about the first one but it needs to grow on me I guess.

Honestly this really bugged me for no real reason hence it is getting a mention. The animation is really good on it and the song isn’t bad I just… I don’t know. I think I’m talking myself into liking it the more I complain….

It’ll end up my favourite OP of the year won’t it?

Shields, Shields, Shields…. What the hell is wrong with a Shield?!

So we have a anime about a Shield Hero that starts off just basically shitting on shields.

The main character doesn’t believe that a shield is a actual weapon, the king doesn’t give two shits about who he is, everything thinks he’s weak and the story just gets grimmer and grimmer for the main character.

As someone who usually tanks their way through games (though in Kingdom Hearts it is the magic staff I throw away not the shield) I get it. Defense is important but sometimes you just want that mighty sword/hammer/axe/whatever to grind your way through a pile of bodies and rank up.

We should have been warned that the story of the Shield Hero wasn’t going to be pretty when they started with even the Hero himself not that impressed with his weapon but who could have guessed how low the Shield Hero would be viewed by the end of the episode?

What makes a human, human?

Dororo isn’t a particularly scary show but within the opening part of the show one of the main characters is born without anything. He’s just a ball of muscle and nerves as Lucius put it in his review.

His mother loved him though and that is the sentiment that we loved in the episode.

Too long have the ugly, deformed and scary looking youth of the past been looked at with horror from their mothers, it is nice to find one that actually tried to fight to keep him by her side no matter what happened to him.

He’s slowly regaining things that were taken from him the moment he was born, it sparked a interested in Luc to find out if he ever gets reunited with his mother and what will happen if he is.

Unsettling, unsettling…. Unsettling…

Dororo (2019)

So Dororo has its baby with no limbs, skin or anything else, Mob Psycho is a bit of a head fuck when it comes to its animation (in the best possible way), The Rise of the Shield Hero had a plot to make the main character out to be a rapist and then The Promised Neverland has monsters and a dead child.

This series so far has gone that extra mile to unsettle you as you watch it, to twist the story into something it wasn’t originally seeming to be. Being unsettling isn’t a bad thing and these four shows on their own are going to be a feast for the eyes whilst also maybe being nightmare fuel at the same time.


The Promised Neverland


As I said this is just a rough plan on what we’ll be doing weekly from now on. Half of this is basically to make sure that we actually keep up to date but it is also a look at how we’ll want to do a Podcast later in the year and is just a little fun.

Like always we’d love to hear what your highlights from this week have been so just leave us a comment below and if you have any recommendations on anything else to watch this season then again let us know!

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