DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #6

We are up to date and here with this week’s review of Loaded.

A lot of talking, a lot of story building and a main event we have been waiting with baited breath for. He is here, it is the debut of PAC.


So Ameen starts off the night talking to Simon Miller. Miller is going to basically do Ameen’s job for him when he goes to find Phantasmo’s glasses which… I dunno. I don’t know why this is a important thing to happen right now but I guess we’ll see what Miller does and how long it takes for Ameen to find the glasses.

Winners : SCC

So we have a new team and they were really fun. In fact they kind of took control of the match early on and dictated the pace which was great, it gave us a look at someone new whilst giving us a taste of how SCC cope with being on the back foot.

Nearer the end of the match when Sixx was tagged in the speed went up a few notches and The Models were left a little behind, both teams are fantastic together but slowly and surely SCC are becoming much more like MCMG used to be, they just hit their opponents from every single angle constantly until they give in. Their finisher is pretty cool but at the same time a bit messy but overall they really are starting to look like a real threat in DEFIANT.

It was a really good match and a great debut for The Models who I hope are going to stick around to boost the numbers in the tag division.

After the match Kelly Sixx goes on the mic to basically tell everyone that he’s going to go whining to Will Ospreay to sort management out because they want to be elevated. I like it, I like that they got the time on the mic after the match and we were reminded of the story of how they came to be in DEFIANT. They have never really been good guys in DEFIANT anyway they’ve always been a bit cocky and full of it they are just now being given the chance to shove that in our faces which… If it means more of them two is never a bad thing.


Short, sweet and hilarious. She ain’t happy to hear that her match against Priestley at Unstoppable is Falls Count Anywhere but then again I don’t think she’s happy she’s facing Priestley in general.


So I made a joke on Twitter about Benji being the most over person in DEFIANT Wrestling when Kelly sixx mentioned him and here he is! Being accused of stealing Phantasmo’s glasses by Prince Ameen.

I love that the “that’s a dogs name” thing is on going because it made when Ameen passed him a lollipop even more hilarious!


So Marty is brought in to introduce two new, young wrestlers who he has been training, they turn out to be the young nephews of the late, great Dynamite Kid. I like that DEFIANT have brought them in, I don’t know to what extent or where this type of thing is going but it was nice to see someone like Marty Jones be given time to talk about himself and then big up these two youngsters and it lead to a demonstration with the two of them which was fun.


They were very springy. A lot of flipping out of moves and decent reversals, of course it was just a demonstration so it was more a show off of some of the stuff they can do and as they are brothers they had a good chemistry.

It was short but man these two kids have some talent, they’ve only been training for like 6-9 months and are so bloody young and in a year or two they are going to be so big. They really have the talent of their uncle pouring through them.

The match ended because the SCC came back down and threw them out of the ring, Marty Jones gave them some advice which basically is that whatever Ospreay is teaching them isn’t as good as what he’s teaching the Billington’s but also that they need a better hair cut. I laughed so hard and I really enjoyed the interaction. I don’t know where this is leading but I hope it isn’t the last we see of Marty Jones getting up in SCC’s faces.


He isn’t a happy man and he starts speaking in German because he doesn’t like us and doesn’t want to be nice to us.

In other words I have no idea what he said other then German Psycho.

He is fighting Lucky Kid next week so that might have been what he was talking about, seeing he said it in German I have no idea what it was about.


The Video Nasty segment of the week is the highlight once more. Rory Coyle is someone you can just sit and listen to all night long and not get bored, I honestly would love to live with Rory Coyle and have him read to me every night or just talk in general. Imagine him reading 1984 to you… Imagine him reading The Human Chair….

What they’ve done with this story is amazing. Apparently Coyle was there at the beginning of WCPW but the WhatCulture fans “weren’t ready for him” and Primate didn’t stick up for him so this is a grudge a long time in the making. I like how they’ve made that a thing and again everything about this is just perfect. They had him build himself up as a friend of Primate, did the twist that actually we had no CONTEXT to why he was there because of Primate just that he was there because of him and NOW we have the context that he feels like his friend turned his back on him to become the face of WCPW/DEFIANT and that is something that Coyle is upset about.

Really enjoy it and I’m happy that Coyle seems to be hitting it off with the fans right now because when the Haskins/Havoc stuff is over there is a Hardcore division he is made for. IMAGINE COYLE vs HAVOC!

I’m still trying to imagine him reading stories to me at bed time.

Winner : Omari

It was a match. I mean the commentators spent the entire time talking about Nathan Cruz and after he won, in dominant fashion, Omari called out Cruz for a match next week on Loaded.

Renshaw still looks like a build your own wrestler out of a old WWE game, Omari is great but whilst he destroyed Renshaw it wasn’t exactly the most interesting of matches and was completely taken over by Bradshaw and Kennedy just constantly talking about Nathan Cruz.

I didn’t like that Cruz didn’t come out to distract Omari or just stand around being a dick, I didn’t really care for the match in general… I also don’t really want Omari to win. I mean we’ve now been given a proper story so there is a good chance that Cruz is going to win next week which could lead to Omari vs Cruz at Unstoppable and Omari getting his victory there but I kind of like this entire “I’ve given all these wannabes their notice” stuff from Cruz and I’d like to see that running for longer and it can’t really work if he loses to the very first person he picks a fight with.

That isn’t just because I’m a Cruz fan either, look at some of the stuff I’ve written about HT Drake. Sometimes I feel DEFIANT start up a interesting story for a character but because they are the bad guys feel they have to let the good guy triumph sooner rather than later to have a feel good ending to a story but it kills the story with the bad guy. Drake’s Gimmick Killer thing was great but it failed at the first hurdle because they wouldn’t let him win and whilst I can see Cruz MAYBE getting one victory they’ll kill this entire thing by wanting to push Omari and have a feel good ending rather then maybe build this long term and have Omari the face of a group that want to put a end to the annoying Cruz.

I dunno. I just don’t know.


These two actually work so SO well together. They just bounce so well off of each other. I love the rule book thing and Kirby acting surprised that he would be accused of stealing the shades.

Kirby refuses to face anyone for his championship belt on YouTube whilst there is only one other person who Ameen has as a suspect but when will we find out who that is? Plus the Miller thing was a bust, I don’t really get the point of opening the show with something like that.


Haskins has had enough, he has his problems and next week he’s going to sort out one of them. He’ll be facing No Fun Dunne to stop the Anti Fun Police from pissing him off anymore.

Winner : PAC

It was a match that was fought with the least amount of respect (story wise) with both of them being disrespectful whether it be sticking their fingers on the others lips, patting the other on the head or taking the piss out of one of their ears… It made both of them more angry and I just love Bastard PAC. I mean there isn’t anything better then seeing someone like him just be a absolute dick.

This was really a showcase for Starr, you could see just how badly he knew he had to defeat PAC to get his title match against Rampage. It was a hard match for that, usually you’d have the crowd right behind him but he was facing their home town hero on his return from WWE but it still worked. There were some fantastic moments, Starr throws one bloody decent Lariat and the slaps that turned into the two just brawling in the middle of the ring was great.

Starr knocks out the ref by accident that gives PAC the chance to go for a low below and hit the Red Arrow for victory, it was good to see him get the victory in such a way that keeps Starr looking super strong. Rampage comes out and gives him his title match at Unstoppable.

Now THAT will be a match to see.


I don’t think they balanced this week very well if I’m honest. There were too many promos and not enough wrestling. What wrestling we did get was great, all the matches were top quality and that bloody main event is going to be a hard match to beat for Match of the Year contention already.

Looking back over this blog though it just went from promo to promo and most of them didn’t achieve much. Nearly everyone got on the microphone after their matches too. Kelly Sixx doing the whole “we’re getting daddy Ospreay to sort our problems out” twice in a matter of half hour, Austin barely actually saying anything, Bad Bones giving a promo in German…

I like that they are building stories but it has been more balanced in previous weeks.

They like to start a show off strong and finish it strong and sometimes the bits in the middle can be a bit of a mix. I think the Billington stuff should have probably been on a different show as it just came too quick after SCC made their statement and I really think they should have let Cruz do his own talking instead of just spending a very short match talking about him.

Good episode anyway.

2 thoughts on “DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #6”

  1. I have actually noticed just how biased you are to Nathan Cruz. I’ve seen some of your reviews in the last year but don’t even know where this has come from.

    Pac vs Starr was a great match. It was the only reason I put it on but I might watch it more often now.

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