5 Things… DEFIANT Loaded #5

So before I put up the review for Loaded #6 here is a recap of 5 things that I loved or hated or whatever else from last weeks show (which review came out last night….)

Video Nasty vs Singing Sensation

I really liked the fact that they paired these two up.

Not sure I get why Hendry is on Primate’s side, I mean I get what he said last week about it and all but it still is a weird duo to have but it is made all the better when you have on one hand the Video Nasty spreading his hatred through VHS type promos against a guy that is gonna sing the HELL out of him.

You know what is coming later on I’m sure.

What a pairing though?! If it wasn’t for the fact that Coyle’s path is mainly pointed at a collision with Primate I would LOVE for the actual feud that comes out of this at the end of the day being Coyle/Hendry. Whilst there is a story there with Coyle/Primate the pure hilarity that can come out of Coyle/Hendry, the unique creativeness that could be thrown at us is something I hope that DEFIANT decide to go with.


I just don’t get it. I really don’t. The guy is just amazing in ring and yet it is all packaged in this little world of crazy. I am a huge fan of Lucky Kid but every time I watch him he gets better, every time I watch him I burst into laughter at his shenangians and it has got to the point that I just don’t believe he’s real.

He’s so damn adorable.

Roxxy gets a title opportunity but the champ sucks………

So I guess this is a obvious negative.

Roxxy is one of the better women they have in DEFIANT, she’s improved so much over the last year and she never really gets a chance to shine. They’ve never really given her anything to show us just how good she can be. So I was over the moon for her to get a title shot. Just I knew she’d have to lose and… Well… Kanji.

I don’t like the women’s champion at all, her move set is impressive enough but it doesn’t work. She looked terrible against Roxxy, we had to endure re-writing of history as Bradshaw made out her victory in the Gauntlet match was a amazing feat when she actually only defeated Lana Austin and was only ever in the ring with Austin… She isn’t impressive like Millie was, she hasn’t got a character that you can get behind either way and even in the ring against someone like Roxxy who DEFIANT don’t really give you much of a reason to care about (I do care about her greatly though) she doesn’t shine.

Just don’t get it and hope we get a title change soon.


I told you that you’d know where this went!

So whilst the match wasn’t anything to talk about we got a reply to Rory Coyle’s Video Nasty in the form of a song.

I love Shut Up and Dance with Me, it is a song I listen to nearly every single day. Now I will never be able to listen to it without screaming “Shut up, Use DVD” instead.

As a huge fan of all of Hendry’s songs this one has to go pretty much near the top of my list of all time favs. It is why I think that him and Coyle prolonging their own thing will be great because they just have that charisma to bounce off of each other and carry on a very entertaining and ridiculously creative feud. Imagine Joe Hendry doing a VHS inspired music video? Or Coyle bursting into song (ok maybe not but Freddy Krueger had his nursery rhyme so why can’t Coyle have creepy school girl rhymes for Hendry?)

Just fantastic.

No Nathan Cruz means very sad me

I am making a point of adding a Nathan Cruz point to every single blog now. We must rename it 4 Things… Because the 5th will always be Nathan Cruz related.

THIS week he wasn’t on and it made me sad.

Actually it wasn’t a jokey cop out or anything like that this week it was just the fact that he seems to be around all the time that it is nice that I noticed he wasn’t there. I’m a fan of a whole bunch of guys but I can go a whole show without going “oh the Anti Fun Police weren’t on” or “haven’t seen Mark Davis (being a big terrifying bear) for a while” but Nathan Cruz sticks out. He ain’t on the show and I’m instantly like “why isn’t he there?”

He’s become very important to me as you can tell.

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