The Rising of the Shield Hero : The Shield Hero

Episode 1

Tate no Yūsha” (盾の勇者)

I usually stay away from anything I see tagged as Romance but as I do tend to like anime shows about people being transported to game like worlds I thought I’d give The Rising of the Shield Hero a go.

With a 40 minute first episode there was a lot going on.

It was a pretty wild ride if I’m honest with you. At first I thought I wouldn’t enjoy it that much. It started off a pretty bog standard, dorky comedy of a self proclaimed Otaku that has been transported to a mystery land and has cute girls on the brain.

Just before it all went south and the entire tone and direction of the show changed it clicked that was what was going to happen and instantly I perked up.

The rising of the Shield Hero is the story of Naofumi Iwatani, a normal human who is summoned to another world with three other people from three different dimensions to be a hero in this worlds fight against their Apocalypse. As I said a pretty bog standard story. The other three know of the world basically through video games in their dimensions but Naofumi is out of place, he instantly falls foul of the country just with the fact that he knows nothing of the world around him and it makes him a easy target for the three other heroes and the adventurers that team with them.

Really thought Naofumi grew so strongly as a character throughout the episode. He had more character development in one episode then some characters get in a series, I went from kind of not caring for him as he blindly went through the episode like some love sick puppy to wanting to kill in his name when the plot was over with and then feeling sorry for him and wanting to be behind his journey by the end of the episode. The darker he fell the more I enjoyed the episode and I like that he just doesn’t care anymore.

If I’m honest I didn’t like the summoning. I didn’t like how the other three just naturally went into their roles and I do think it is a bit much to have us believe that this plan could just fall at their feet in a night. I hope that we do see something of a explanation later on and it isn’t just as Naofumi said in the episode a way to make themselves look better because he not only is going to be weak being a shield wielder who can’t actually fight, but being a scum bag that tried to rape someone. Whilst that might be the reasoning I’d like to see/hear it from the other characters and have it confirmed that this is exactly what it was and how it even came about that they would do it.

That being said it didn’t bother me too much by the end of the episode.

I like that Naofumi now has to face this all on his own. As the protagonist of the series you get the feeling he’ll end up at least by the end of all this pretty much the hero that saves the day but I like that it isn’t going to be easy and that he is going to have to take the “wrong” path to get there.

By the end of the episode he’s actually threatened people and off to buy a slave because they are cursed to obey. He is going to be a hero in his own way and that way isn’t very heroic.

Really enjoyed the first episode a whole bunch more then I thought I would. One of the best first impressions I’ve had for a anime in a long time. Not quite sure where the show is going to go, the romance is obviously going to be between Naofumi and the slave but I think it’ll be a interesting enough story for me to not care too much. The comedy seems to have drained completely out of it and I can’t see that side of it coming back anytime soon with the bad feeling to Naofumi and his bad feeling to the world he’s being forced to work in.

Yeah. Go check it out because it is pretty fantastic.

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