DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #5

With less then a day until the next episode is out we have Loaded #5 reviewed right here.

Winner : El Phantasmo

Wasn’t expecting much if I’m honest with you. Deiress was first seen in a trio team and his two tag partners were in pretty bland squash matches so I wasn’t hoping for much more from Deiress.

It only took moments for some of the fun little, quirky moves that I’ve grown to love from Phantasmo to be hit, very early in the match for the walking on the ropes and handstand offence and whilst Deiress got a bit of offence and even a pin attempt it really was just a showcase for everything that Phantasmo can do.

I really liked some of what Deiress did, a lot of the flips were really clean and well performed but the cutter he hit looked awful and it wasn’t long after that he was put down by Phantasmo.


So Rory defends what he’s doing with re-showing us his old promos which was fantastic as I said, the fact that you can view these videos either way just made them even better in hindsight.

THEN he picked a fight with Joe Hendry which makes me happy. I’ve not yet really seen Rory in action and the little I’ve seen I haven’t enjoyed that much BUT Hendry never fails to have a good match and the two are really well matched with their promo skills to get under their opponents skins so I think… I think that might be a fantastic match up if I’m honest.

Winner : BT Gunn

This might be my favourite Lucky Kid match so far since he became a regular on DEFIANT. Obviously as you know I love BT Gunn so I love how their styles and personalities really clashed. Gunn didn’t care for the head games and matched each and every one of Lucky Kids antics which meant that for a change Lucky Kid was the one left confused on the outside of the ring.

Really liked when Gunn slapped Kid and they started matching blow to blow. Obviously Gunn is the bigger, scarier guy in some ways but Kid stood up to the attack and matched him. It gave us something different to Lucky Kid that we hadn’t seen before, his offence mainly being based on his quickness and stunts but it showed that he wouldn’t back down to a fight with someone like Gunn.

It was a fantastic match, both brought some uniqueness to it, Lucky Kid so very nearly had it but Gunn was able to come out on top in the end. There was a nice hug and show of respect at the end before Klinger came and attacked Kid from behind as he was posing at the top of the ramp.

What that means I don’t know but we’ll see. We’ll see.


Nice build to the Pac/Starr match next week. Amazing to see Pac on screen and David Starr showing his heart by how determined he is to beat Pac and go on to face Rampage.

Can’t wait for that match.

Winner : Kanji

Very nice to see Roxxy get a title shot but also a little sad that this is what we’re getting with no real build up. I guess her Gauntlet match showing got her this position but I’d have liked to have some build up for her.

I continue not to like Kanji if I’m honest. I find her very stilted and slow, Roxxy did a good job of making her look like the underdog and Bradshaw did a lot to fill in the blanks of her character. I said on Twitter that it is funny how without context he can make her win in the Gauntlet match sound amazing when in actual fact she was the last person in, everyone else had been eliminated and got a shock win on a bad guy who was getting cocky.

She hasn’t impressed and whilst she got a flurry of offence here and there that was designed to show off both her hard hitting strikes and her ability to fly around the ring it didn’t feel natural and she was out wrestled by Roxxy.

The one kick into her finisher was just the icing on the cake of my dislike. She feels like a wrestler with a lot of flash but no bang and I felt bad for Roxxy that it was so easy to put her down in the end when neither of the moves she was hit with looked like they would have put her down.


I honestly love Ameen in this position so much and him and Phantasmo made me laugh so much. The absolute drama behind Phantasmo losing his shades, I kind of hope it is Nathan Cruz that has them because one… he needs to be on this episode and two… It feels like something he would do just to piss off someone.

Winner : Joe Hendry (DQ)


Boy was it amazing. I said it above that the best person for the video nasty to go after was the singing sensation and after a wonderful promo against Hendry earlier in the night it was fantastic to see Hendry fight back with his own mind games with his version of Shut Up and Dance with Me.

The match was short and more about building the story then anything. It was obvious that Hendry is probably the better all round wrestler, he is after all one of the best wrestlers in the world today, but they never really kicked the match into gear.

Joe went for a ankle lock just for the lights to go out and some creepy stuff to be shown on the TV, when the lights went back up Hendry had let Coyle go who then hit him with the mannequin arm for a DQ. Kidd came down to help Coyle beat down on Hendry before Primate made the save.

It was a simple way to further this story but at the same time it built Coyle as a proper threat, cemented Hendry’s turn into the Joe we all loved before the Prestige, once more showed the nasty streak of Gabriel Kidd whilst showing that respect between Hendry and Primate they kind of need to defeat the nasty little team of Coyle and Kidd.

Fantastic end to a great episode.

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