5 Things… DEFIANT Loaded #4

With one more review to go here are the 5 Things… I randomly plucked out the air about Loaded #4 because whilst I wrote this when I watched it last week I didn’t save it and don’t actually know what my original 5 Things were at all!

So have some crap to keep you entertained.


So. Why is Joe Hendry suddenly incapable of saying his name without shouting?

Whilst #3 had Joe Hendry leaving as a point I am honestly starting this entire thing off with the fact that apparently we no longer can say Joe Hendry without shouting the name.

Maybe I should put it in capitals. Just constantly write JOE HENDRY when I mention him?

He’s staying and shouting.

General Ameen

I hate Prince Ameen with a passion but I’m putting him into this 5 Things because actually he’s one of the best GMs they’ve had.

He is perfect for the comedy stuff, has great chemistry with everyone who wanders into his office and is being given the time to grow. Primate had two of the three but he was relegated to being the GM of a bunch of PPVs that were far and few between so his interactions whilst memorable didn’t do much and most of the things he set up got changed due to life being life.

Whether you love him or, like me, hate him I have a feeling Ameen will go down as one of the best GMs DEFIANT have ever had. This is only his what… 2nd or 3rd show as GM too.

I’m going to have to admit being a fan of his now aren’t I?

Nathan Cruz just because…

Title says it all. He gets bonus points as always for wearing the cape.

What the hell is it with the cape?

Sneaky Santos

So my favourite thing in the last two weeks has been Santos being a sneaky little shit…. Which is a feat in itself seeing the guy is hardly small enough to BE a sneaky little shit. He’s sowing the seeds of hatred between Havoc and Haskins, setting up Vicky to be the problem that breaks them apart.

Whilst Havoc and Haskins is a explosive pairing anyway you have to wonder though why the HELL Vicky doesn’t just sit Havoc down and show him Loaded… I mean it is free on YouTube and it proves that those Anti Fun Police are up to no good!

Bubble Wrap Mania

You can’t really talk about episode 4 without mentioning Martin Kirby’s ingenious way of beating Walter.

Of course the bubble wrap didn’t help, in fact it might have hindered him a little bit by making Walter more angry and giving him a bigger target on his chest when Walter finally ripped it off.

He won though so it must have helped a little bit!


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