DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #4

We are so close to being up to date. Here we are kind of on day 4 of our catch up with a show that had Nathan Cruz wrestling on it which makes it one of the best shows so far because I like watching Nathan Cruz wrestle.


So he’s back because he has unfinished business. I am happy to see Joe back, I love Joe so much but at the same time it feels like a rushed story that they needed to maybe put on different shows.

He walked out a week ago…. But showed up a hour later and now a week later he apparently has unfinished business and Pro Wrestling is in his blood.

Like it was the same promo just flipped. He said the same things but instead of “I don’t want to be on the bottom rung and have to work back to the top” he is now “I don’t care about starting from the bottom.” It just feels like too much in two shows but maybe just maybe I’m not seeing it the way it should have been seen seeing I binged the two shows back to back.

We have a tag team match at Unstoppable, Rory Coyle & Gabriel Kidd vs Joe Hendry & Primate.

Winner : Nathan Cruz

So last week he said he put the flavour of the months on notice and Micky Mann was the very first person who felt his wraith.

It was pretty much another squash match but one I’ll forgive because it makes me feel happy that Cruz is being established as a established guy as Ameen said last week.


So Brookes needs a title shot, another title shot, he interrupts Ameen sharping a pencil and gets one as long as Kid Lykos is there which brings in SCC with the beautiful line by the wonderful Kelly Sixx of “I’m here with my tag team partner, some of us keep them…”

So Ameen creates the General Ameen Tag Team Invitational where they have to face a random team on a random night and if they impress him they get a title shot. I think that is pretty weird I mean they have more right for a title shot then Brookes does but they have to go out and prove themselves. I mean it isn’t Aussie Opens fault that Lykos has constantly been injured is it?

Winner : Jimmy Havoc

It was a ridiculous match in all the right ways.

Drake was the legal man but it was a Hardcore match so everyone was involved, Dunne tried to bag up weapons as evidence including sticking a steel chair in a sandwich bag which was fun, it was just a load of craziness and then Haskins showed up. Again it was just crazy.

I mean I’m trying to say it was crazy.

Havoc kept his belt which means it still is a Hardcore belt but it still was really there to break up Haskins/Havoc more then anything. Again Santos attacked in such a way to make it look like Vicky had done it which this time caused so much trouble between Havoc and Haskins that they didn’t hug it out and go for a beer.

It was a fun match with lots of great hardcore moments and some really fun moments but you need to watch it to understand it.


So Aussie Open accept CCK’s challenge and look to be extremely confident in their win.

Winner : Rory Coyle


I get there is a point in all this. I heard Ameen’s speech and I get that this is the way to introduce newish people whilst building up their new stars, “establishing their established” stars and so on but you can’t binge watch four hours of wrestling and be happy to see another match that doesn’t really mean anything.

Coyle is in a big match coming up at Unstoppable in one of the biggest stories in DEFIANT against some of the biggest names in DEFIANT since the beginning so you kind of knew he’d beat Visage.

THAT BEING SAID Visage had a better match then the others. Better then her team mate Micky Mann earlier in the night but in that way it is even worse.

It didn’t make Coyle look good, it confused me how the ref didn’t see all the red dust and wonder what the hell was going on and I dunno. I’m starting to feel that Coyle is going to be the biggest disappointment in all this. I want him to be as good as his promos make him seem but I don’t think he will.

After the match he gave another good promo. He points out he has said time and time again he came to DEFIANT because of Primate which is a interesting way of now looking at his promos. THAT in itself works and I’m looking forward to what happens next but I’m really worried I’m not going to like him in ring as much as I should.


More talking and still no actual reason to like her.

Winner : Martin Kirby

It was a smart way of doing things.

Kirby came out in bubble wrap and did his best to disrupt the concentration of Walter. It was a normal Walter beats the hell out of his opponent match and Kirby had to use a low below or two, a belt to the head and just shitty tactics to beat him.

Walter needed to be beaten and was built to look unbeatable by guys twice the size of Kirby so they needed Kirby to beat him in the perfect Kirby way and that is what he did.

It wasn’t really a match I guess it was a beating with some cheating at the end.

Really liked it but sad that seems to be it for Walter on DEFIANT.

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