5 Things… DEFIANT Loaded #3

So I was busy yesterday so day 4 of our DEFIANT catch up is a day late but not to worry because we’ll still be up to date by Sunday. Regardless of how tiring life will be in the next two days.

Don’t Go Joe

I have spoken at length about how Joe Hendry is the heart of DEFIANT and it actually brought tears to my eyes listening to him basically retire from DEFIANT. It was a heart breaking moment where one of the guys who really helped build this company told the fans that he was no longer going to be part of something he really made great.

Obviously I can’t hide the fact that Hendry is one of my absolute favourites in the world right now so the thought of him not being on my TV all the time is devastating.

It was a decent goodbye speech ruined…. By the last point in this blog.

Maybe too MUCH squash matches for no reason?

This is probably more of a problem because I binge watched a bunch of episodes all after each other but it is kind of getting boring seeing the same kind of match. It isn’t even like their opponents look like they might get a win.

I get why they have them, I get the point of them but I guess they aren’t so interesting to binge watch…. Which maybe makes this point a bit pointless because they weren’t designed to be watched so close together and maybe with a week long gap in the middle it wouldn’t seem so boring?

Maybe I should keep up to date with things and watch them as they are intended. What a foreign thought that is.

Getting to know Kanji?

I get what they are trying to do but these videos really aren’t working.

For a start they aren’t the most flattering of videos. Kanji looks awkward doing them, she looks uncomfortable and it makes it uncomfortable to watch but it also isn’t actually letting us get to know her at all. I would rather watch her wrestle if I’m honest.

David Brashaw in the Christmas Spirit!

His little Christmas hat filled me with joy at the beginning of January and that warrants a point of its own.

THAT mess at the end

I don’t get it.

Why is Hendry now with Primate? Why is Coyle now with Kidd? Coyle and Kidd are more likely as a duo but the Hendry story is kind of not well thought out really? Plus of all people you’d have Hendry make the save?

My memory is pretty crap so there MIGHT be something in the past that warrants this but it would have made more sense for Havoc to get involved and be that person.

Then again it isn’t about that connection with Primate I guess but solidifying Hendry’s position in the company. He’s had a 180 in character and gone from that guy no one wants to talk about because he’s a bit of a dick to being reborn the DEFIANT Hero…

It makes sense I guess. Maybe I like it more now that I’ve had to argue myself about it.

I dunno.

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