DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #3

So much happened in Episode 2. A new GM, very big boys wrestling with very smol boys… Martin Kirby being a dick.

THIS week the Local Hero returns, the Anti Fun Police start their plan and we FINALLY get the blow off to Primate vs Gabriel Kidd.


So Prince Ameen is ordering a take away.

Sure I guess that isn’t the important thing, the important thing is that Priestley turns down a women’s title match because she wants Lana Austin at Unstoppable instead. The take away was semi important though, I mean it is food and food is pretty important.


Who would have thought that Joe Hendry would be in the ring telling us that he is leaving DEFIANT right now to focus on other things other then professional wrestling… Including it seems UFC… and people would be really upset about all this?

I don’t know if he is actually leaving or not I hope not because he really is one of the best guys in British wrestling and I am going to be sad to see him gone.

Honestly heart broken by this news because I’ve said it a million times but he is the heart of DEFIANT even as the bad guy he is the one that really just makes DEFIANT what it is and I just don’t want that to be over but whatever he does I’m always going to support him because he is my Local Hero.

Winners : SCC

So Benji is back with a friend for another obvious squash match. We now have Benji chants and I kind of hope that he sticks around and grows in the company because I kinda like him.

Not much to say about it to be honest. SCC win pretty easily, over and done with.


So Rampage won’t give Starr a match for the title so he goes to try and get it from Ameen who basically agrees with Rampage pointing out that he couldn’t beat Walter, couldn’t win the rumble and didn’t win the Ringmasters so he hasn’t done anything to prove it.

What he has to do?

January 5th he is going to face PAC and if he beats or comes close to beating him he’s in consideration for number one contendership. WHAT A MATCH!

Winner : No Fun Dunne

So Haskins doesn’t come on his own bringing out Vicky and Jimmy with him against the Anti Fun Police.

It starts off in a fluster of action with Haskins doing his normal extremely fast paced attack tactics on the outside, strutting around back and forward before launching himself at Dunne from all angles.

You just can’t catch a breath with Haskins, he goes from one thing to another in a heartbeat and even when Dunne found a gap in the offence Haskins just changed his offence up and hit him with something else. It was fantastic to watch and at points you had to wonder if Dunne had any chance to even get a moment in the match.

It was a distraction whilst Santos hits Havoc, hands the baking tray to Vicky and Haskins came out to sort out his team that lead to a roll up and a win for Dunne.

Perfect end. The Anti Fun Police walk onto a match I guess against Havoc with a win, the break down of Haskins/Havoc continues. Really love the story between Havoc and Haskins, the fact that they were just kind of shoving and slapping each other to get their anger out before heading to the bar for a beer.


So we got to know a little bit about Kanji…………………..

Honestly I get what they are doing but it didn’t make me like her much it just made me roll my eyes at her. I want to see her wrestle in a long match with actual story to it not hear that women didn’t wrestle when she was a kid. Maybe it is because I’m old and women did wrestle when I was a kid and I still feel young so I like to think everyone didn’t grow up watching the Diva era but I can’t help it. It put me off her.

Winner : Rampage

Well at least Renshaw got a entrance I guess.

NOTHING AT ALL AGAINST CONNOR RENSHAW BUT… Why is it when they find these people to just feed to others in Squash matches they all manage to look like create your own characters from old Smackdown games?

Like I get that it is probably his look and all that but him and Benji, even Visage from Loaded #2 just look like create your own characters that have nothing but their strange look about them.

Match didn’t last long. Why would it it was another squash. Rampage wins and moves on.


So Prince Ameen stops Hendry and asks him where he is going and he just reiterates that he doesn’t belong here and walks off. Cruz then waltz’s in with a lollipop in his mouth and tells Ameen to tell all the flavours of the month that the Professional has put them on notice.

Nice quick bit that breaks our heart more about Hendry whilst putting little Nathan back on our screens and making him as important as he should be.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

So it was never going to be a wrestling match but a absolute fight. Primate comes out and just pummels Kidd constantly, every time Kidd tries to get away Primate just flew at him and let out even more anger on him. Never ever was this going to be a pretty match.

There were some good moments, there was a moment when Primate jumped off of something high, Kidd got the upper hand and tried to get Primate to kiss his feet but to be honest it was a pretty boring main event.

In the end it was all about already turning Coyle on his friend Primate, he came down to “save” Primate just to turn on him.

Feel like the entire thing started out really well and slowly turned into a mess. Shame really because it was one of the big stories going into the new Loaded era and I feel like it was just completely played wrong.

Primate was about to have a tape called “Remember The Yard” smashed into his mouth but of all people Joe Hendry came back to make the save, again I feel it was just too much with the constant “I’m leaving, I’m leaving…” him then leaving just to come back in the main event to save Primate who he has no real reason to save. Ameen came down as well which as you know with me will be something I want to see all the time now, if you are coming down to save one person you need to come down to save them all.

Disappointing end.

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