5 Things… DEFIANT Loaded #2

Day 3 of our catch up to Loaded and we’re here with 5 Things that stood out about episode 2 which review came out yesterday… Just in case you needed reminding.


I hate Prince Ameen but you know what…

He was announced and I was like “OMG NO” and then I thought about it and I thought some more and I realised that actually this could be really good for him. He’s good at comedy, very soft comedy that stays away from any serious kind of thing, and as a GM I can see him being kind of like Martin Kirby but without the overwhelming need to ever wrestle again.

I hope this just keeps him from wrestling to be honest.

His interaction with Martin Kirby later in the night proved this might be the best place for  a well loved DEFIANT main stay. So yeah. I don’t know if it is a plus or negative point but it is bloody Prince Ameen.

Project Ego

A new Martin Kirby for the new DEFIANT Age. Dude is fed up of being overlooked so he’s turned sour and being a dick.

Always liked this Kirby, he’s still funny and doing silly things but it is all designed to make us hate him instead of love him and personally I like that better then some of the stuff that he’s done in the last year or so with DEFIANT.

Actually really looking forward to this story going forward.


I might have been way too excited about the CCK vs Aussie Open match. It wasn’t the best of matches but in my opinion it as the greatest thing ever.

Loved the comedy, loved Mark Davis being a terrifying and cuddly looking bear, loved Chris Brookes being adorable and the other two were alright. The little bit of wrestling they did in between the comedy stuff was top class because they are four of the best wrestlers in the UK today and yeah.

I like watching Mark Davis murder people with his cute little smile on his face.

More Nathan Cruz is never a bad thing…

I don’t really know what is going to happen with Cruz but he attacked Omari and him being on Loaded again even if he wasn’t doing anything much is just a good sign.

ANYTHING with Nathan Cruz is a good sign.

And no I didn’t this time just not have 5 points, this time I am literally that sad I’m just making Nathan Cruz a point. Maybe I’ll do it every episode/week from now on because you know what? More people should know how amazing he is.

New Era Same Basic Stories? (Kanji = McKenzie v2)

Millie came in won a match became champion pretty much right after that and was the most dominant and amazing thing ever.

Kanji comes in wins a match becomes champion the very next week and is now the most dominant and amazing thing ever…. Or probably not seeing she actually hasn’t looked that strong in the ring yet.

We’ll see where it goes but whilst the male division looks like the shake up is really working for them the female division looks like it will have the same “shake up” it did last year that will end up meaning the same old faces face each other, Kanji is pushed to the moon and back before…. Going back to the others and being lost in the shake up.

Sometimes I’d rather DEFIANT just didn’t have a women’s division if their attention is so half hearted when it comes to the women. I mean that is how I feel looking in, I’m not saying they actually don’t care but it is the same old faces, the same matches and for the last two years a newbie being thrown in the mix to be pushed before a audience gets to know them. Millie worked because she was a badass and who can’t like Millie but… Kanji we’ll wait and see but so far it is just the same story that Millie had.

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