That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime : The One Who Devours All

Episode 14

Subete o Kurau Mono” (全てを喰らう者)

I believe this is the half way point to this season and the big boss to end this half is the Orc Lord…

Kind of.

What have I said about this anime from the beginning?

It is rushed.

That is how this felt.

I would literally have to go all the way back to episode one and talk about restructuring the entire thing to explain how they could have handled this better but here we are. Where we are.

Again that doesn’t make it awful. I got the picture, I liked the character moments and I liked the story in general. It made a half decent full stop to the Orc/Lizard Men stuff and it served its purpose. The Ogres are happy and sticking around, which was obvious, Gabiru has finally seen the power of the slime that he has been laughing at all along and again we got to see just how powerful the people Rimuru has surrounded himself with are.

They totally are the OP squad.

The first half was OK. Gelmund appears and basically tells us everything we needed to know. All his plans, what the Orc Lord really is and so on. He comes across as petulant and desperate and instantly gets on the nerves of the Orc Lord who… Eats him.

Yes the first half rids us of one of the most interesting characters. It rid him of his mystique before just killing him off in general. Personally I think this was a terrible idea but BECAUSE IT WAS RUSHED! So Gelmund isn’t the big boss at the end of part one of this season, fair enough, but he’s been lingering around in the background for ages and had so much going on around him that him just showing up, shouting a little and then dying seems like a pointless waste of a character that had been slowly being built up to be more then he was.

Whilst I get that it is the perfect end to his character the problem is his snippets here and there weren’t enough to really let that ending be either shocking or as dramatic as it should have been.

Part of his death should have felt like a door closed to Rimuru, this was a insight into a world that he needs to enter, a threat that they all faced, and it was down and dead before he got a chance to speak to him properly. Rimuru not reacting to this was part of the problem as well, in fact a lot of this episode was kind of viewed in the least dramatic way possible. Rimuru didn’t react, the Ogres didn’t react and the only character that seemed to actually have emotions was Gabiru.

We then went onto a quarter of the episode that turned the Orc Lord into a Demon Lord and really made you scared that Rimuru could lose….

Until he let the Great Sage take over him in kind of a cheat, auto fight mode.

Whilst the fight was cool it then lead to Rimuru chilling and narrating a bunch of stuff to us instead of us getting a kick ass fight sequence. The tone was wrong and whilst the Demon Lord, Orc Disaster was hell of a cool the scene itself wasn’t. It wasn’t in any way possible.

How does he win?

How do you think?

He eats the Demon Lord which brings us to the last quarter and maybe the best part of the episode.

Getting to know who the Demon Lord was before all this was really sad, it made you feel for the Orcs and maybe is one of the things that really will set Rimuru out from the others. He has empathy that he very much had in his original life, the fact that he ran in front of a guy trying to kill a friend shows that much, but because he can see these stories as he consumes people he gains a insight into Monster Races that others can’t.

Whilst I guess the Ogres and Orcs entire thing will be glossed over because the Ogres are under Rimuru anyway in reality if they had won the battle and Rimuru wasn’t as empathetic as he was then there could be horrible things in store for the Orcs. As it is Rimuru saw that they were dying and that Geld was doing his best for his people and was promised something by Gelmund that he was never going to get. Rimuru can now make life better for all, for the Goblins, the Orcs, the remaining Ogres and the Lizard Men.

The next episode is called the Jura Forest Alliance so I guess that will happen…

It isn’t even anything to do with Rimuru being a nice person.

I mean he is, don’t get me wrong I can see he is. This is a nerd that focused his entire life on bettering himself and ended up alone without anyone who has been given not just a second chance at life but a chance that comes with ultimate power and the ability to have waves of people just throw themselves at his mercy because he’s a bad ass dude.

He doesn’t have to be a nice person.

All he really wants is to lose his virginity and live this life like playing a game online. Luc covers Overlord where Ainz see’s this world he is now stuck in as a game and therefore loses his ability to emphasis with anyone or anything because he see’s them as NPC. Whilst he is, for all we know, stuck in a game and Rimuru has been transported to another world both are no longer human and yet one uses this power to be everything he wants to be whilst the other uses the power to spread good around.

Whilst I would always and forever put Overlord as a whole over Reincarnated as a Slime as characters I find Rimuru very refreshing in that whilst he has his cheat mode, this computer in his head telling him what he needs and the most OP of OP move set…. He is still human in a slime body and he goes about his business in a way to better the lives of others whilst Ainz… Wants to kill everything and find more people like him instead of integrate into a new society and use his powers for the betterment of those around him.

I’ve gone off topic.

I guess what I’m saying is that this episode suffered like the others by the writers trying to cram as much into a small space of time as possible. Like the others though it kind of works and gets its point across and whilst it leaves a bit of a annoying taste in my mouth because I want more developed stories and characters… Overall I’m not disappointed or upset by it. As a series though it doesn’t impress itself upon you in the way that Goblin Slayer did this season or Overlord does all the time (or even episode one of Mob Psycho season 2 has) it is just kind of something there that you enjoy but at the same time is a bit of a chore at times to watch.

Take that as you will.

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