Mob Psycho 100 II : Ripped Apart ~Someone is Watching~

Episode 1

Mob Psycho is back and with its really random animation style, quirky characters and completely bonkers stories it might just be the best way to start 2019 off.

If like me you didn’t re-watch season 1 before jumping into the second season there are a few moments where you have to kind of reach back in your mind to remember just who some people are and what their importance to the story are. Things like the student president and Mob’s love interest aren’t things that instantly popped back into my mind over his relationship with Reigen, Dimple and Ichi. There are some things that came slowly back and others I probably do need to binge season one to remember.

This is a good thing though because it isn’t just a “here is another season and the slate is wiped clean” kind of feel, what happened in the first season is still as important in this season as it ever has been.

Ichi is trying to make Mob a true leader of the people, he wants the girl of his dreams to fall in love with him and the overall effect of this is that ANOTHER girl enters his life, first as a prank but now maybe something more and Mob himself is just going to grow as a person.

He did and didn’t really have growth in the first season. His character grew but he himself was going from situation to situation more trying to keep his head down and not cause a scene. This season he looks like he really wants to actually grow as a person and it made for a interesting first episode.

There wasn’t a need for a big bad, there wasn’t a need for some funny shenanigans with Dimple and Reigen. Mob just lived his life and whilst to a point it was a cruel thing that was happening to him his obvious sweet nature came over to Emi and a bond started to grow between them naturally because he was too kind to just let her down but also he kind of really liked being around her too.

It is still one of the most fun anime’s I’ve ever watched not just for the story but the ever changing animation style throughout. From well detailed scenes to ones where we’re just looking at circles with eyes, it changes throughout and when you get used to it I guess it makes the experience even better. It is something I had to kind of get used to in the first season, whilst I like the dramatic changes because they really add to scenes there are also those times when there are lazy changes and I don’t mean that the animators are being lazy I just mean compared to like big dramatic things they change the style to be more doodley and silly which I think it took me a while to realise it actually made the comedy better.

Disappointed by the intro if I’m honest. I really loved the music from season one and whilst the actual entrance itself was pretty brilliant the music didn’t suit it and I was waiting for something more like the first one to kick in.

Really enjoyed it though and it starts off basically where it left off and means that very obviously we’re in for a treat with this one.

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