DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #2

So day 2 of our catch up to the Loaded shows and after a explosive first episode we’re back with a new GM, a HUGE women’s match to main event and a really packed card.


So we have Ameen as GM which I think is a great role for him. He comes out to tell us that they are bringing in new talent, which they have been doing which is great, that they are going to establish their establish talent, which is what they have been doing and it has been brilliant, and then told us what we already knew what was happening this week.

I honestly think Ameen will do good in the role, I can’t be mad at this even if I’m going to pretend I am. You can’t like everyone in the world and Ameen as a wrestler annoyed me for no reason other than I just didn’t like him but he seems like a lovely man and he has a great personality and this kind of thing kind of works better for him.

Loaded #2 sounds like it is jam packed. Adam Pacitti is still the best GM, definitely the most handsome GM they’ve ever had and that isn’t going to change any time soon. Looks better in a suit as well. I’m sad Adam isn’t GM anymore, though I’m happy he’s a pervy teacher telling me what to watch on Smackdown.


So Rory is back with another brilliant promo.

Loved the metaphor of the build up to see a film and that next week we get to see the feature length film. Honestly this is one of the most amazing things that DEFIANT have done and in a way it is the kind of thing they should have been doing and pushing with Bill Eavers and Liam Slater back this time last year. Building this unique and amazing character through unique and interesting promos. I just hope what it is building up to is worth it.

Honestly whoever is doing these videos with Coyle is a genius and deserves a pay rise.

Winner : Martin Kirby 

Very obvious squash match in the making.

It worked though. DEFIANT have constantly portrayed Kirby as the underdog good guy that we could fall in love with and support. He has slowly got more and more angry until this side of him has shown up and the Project Ego side of him was able to shine.

I would like to see this happen for a few weeks.

Kirby commentating during his matches with unknowns, taking the piss out of the fans, commentators and wrestlers. I know it won’t happen because he picks on Walter who shows up and whilst I agree with everything Kirby says he…. Now has to face Walter.

Kirby has perfect timing, he’s great on the mic and I really honestly think that this will be his year in DEFIANT.


Adam Clery is one of my favourite humans and I’m happy to see that he is in the interview position for DEFIANT now. Love seeing his perfect little face on Loaded.

So Nathan Cruz is going to run a little rampage in DEFIANT? He isn’t happy that Clery would talk to someone new to the scene like Omari who is hoping to be around a while when he’s the kind of guy that is always around. Actually looking forward to seeing where this goes and as I said I think it is a good idea to separate Omari and Lucky Kid and come back to that at another time.

Love Nathan Cruz and Adam Clery together.

Winner : Aussie Open

Gresham is tiny. I don’t know how tiny compared to normal people because he was actually in the ring with bloody giants but he was tiny. I thought Brookes, Davis and Fletcher were all the same height but it turns out that Brookes is even taller then giants.

LOVED the opening to this match. If I tried to explain the comedy of it I’ll just be here all day like the fan girl that I am but it was just a fantastic bit of comedy that kind of lasted all match long but also died down so that we got some really good wrestling.

I felt it didn’t need the middle part that saw a draw being announced when a series of reversals ended with Fletcher and Gresham having their shoulders pinned, I guess it is more a statement of how DEFIANT are going to deal with these things going forward but it felt out of place in this match.

Personally loved the match because I like the comedy and Davis ended it with his piledriver which is my absolute favourite piledriver so it was a good one for me. Where they go now I don’t know but I like the original CCK pairing and I hope for big things for Brookes in 2019.


So another of those wonderful promos with the music in the background announcing that SCC will be back soon.

A great team that DEFIANT can use if they want to build actual stories in their tag division and I always get really excited to see Kelly Sixx in a wrestling ring. One of my top wrestlers of all time already because he is that good, I don’t care what anyone else says, and always happy to see I’m wearing the same hoodie as he is whenever he pops up wearing it not that I ever take the pink one off. Good to see them coming back.


Funny little backstage bit with these two proving what I thought that Ameen is going to be great in this role. I hope he sticks around in it for a long while too because with a few very fast changes even if it hasn’t felt fast due to how long between shows it has been I think this is perfect for Ameen and I guess I’d like to see him do it for a while.

Kirby doesn’t want to face Walter but if he doesn’t then he’s fired so that is still happening.

PERFECT Comedy timing from these guys.

Winners : Anti Fun Police

Well…. Three new people. It was a strange new team and I kind of wanted to know more about what the Anti Fun Police were up to when it comes to Jimmy Havoc then see them in a match but it was worth it.

Mickey Mann started it with HT Drake and I was very impressed with him, Visage then got in the ring with No Fun Dunne and I have to say that Visage for obvious reasons is the one I want to see more of specially after he chucked his wig at Dunne. His style is amazing and character is unique and I want to see more of him. Lastly we got Santos and Man like Deriess who again seemed pretty impressive.

It didn’t last long though and after each of the three newbies got their moment in the ring Santos turned it around and instantly went to a three man finisher move which looked good and a win to the Anti Fun Police.

Liked the match but at the same time if we aren’t getting a Trio thing in DEFIANT which I doubt we are and with Dunne maybe going NXT UK I’m worried to fall in love with this team because I feel like it is going to die before we get a chance to see them make a real change in DEFIANT.

After the match Dunne announces that they are going for the Hardcore title and going to win it and rename it the No Fun Title which sounds like a interesting concept to be honest. I hope that happens. I really want them to stick around but I have a feeling it isn’t going to happen.


Starr isn’t going to apologise, he doesn’t care that Rampage kicked him in the face, he wanted Rampage out to challenge him to a title match and Rampage accepted fighting Starr but doesn’t think he deserves a title shot.

THAT is actually a really interesting way of doing it.

Like it is easy to make out that Rampage is a fighting champion but he made the perfect point that EVERYONE wants a title shot so David Starr needs to go out there and impress him and earn it. It left Starr speechless for a moment in the middle of the ring but I hope it leads to a wonderful series of matches with Starr. He really could be the face of DEFIANT, there are a few who could stand there and be the face of the company, and I think it’ll be interesting to see what he does.

Great little moment.

Winner : Kanji 

Interesting way of showcasing the women’s division at the beginning of this kind of new era of DEFIANT. Bea determined to show she’s a fighting champion and in the end a pretty surprising victor BUT it still doesn’t make me happy.

All the faces in this other than Kanji are faces we’ve seen before.

In fact it started Bea vs Millie which is a great match up no doubt but something we see all the time.

It started slowly because they knew they had to get through another 4 people and it got a little bit dodgy at first when Kay Lee Ray entered at two but started to pick up, I liked KLR putting a submission on both McKenzie and Priestley and it was more interesting having the three of them in the match at the same time.

Number four saw Lana Austin show up which obviously changed the dynamic a whole bunch. Bea has her own problems with Lana in fact Lana is just running wild on the women’s division and getting herself in trouble a lot. One of my favourite moments was McKenzie hitting a suplex on KLR and Priestley as Austin just sat at the top of the ramp watching on.

KLR was the first to be eliminated before the next person came in which brought Austin closer to the ring ready to jump in when the time suits her but also giving us a more explosive version of McKenzie vs Priestley then the beginning of the match had. Just before Roxxy came out at Five McKenzie was taken out by a chair and Austin and Priestley started to fight on the outside which meant that Roxxy got a chance to submit out McKenzie which is a big win, even if it isn’t a win win , for Roxxy in this new era.

Roxxy vs Priestley was actually really interesting, Roxxy is always improving and it is nice to see her honestly make such a impression in the match. Unfortunately she was eliminated before Kanji showed up, Austin was sat outside at this point with the women’s belt which she ran into the ring and hit Priestley with eliminating her meaning we 100% get a new champion.

So Austin vs Kanji?

It wasn’t a bad match, it played on Austin underestimating Kanji but it is nice to have a bit of a shock really. I’m not sold on Kanji yet, I don’t think we’ve seen the best of her so it’ll be a interesting run for her as champion but it feels much the same as what they did with McKenzie last year trying to rebrand the women’s division and I feel like it might fall on the same fate…. Them bringing the same names back and having nothing much to do with the women half the time.

Great match though, not amazing but not bad either. Good showing from all six.

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