5 Things… Trying to spread my wings this year so 5 places I wanna go this year!

So I don’t really travel very much, specially as I don’t have anyone to travel with, but this year I want to travel as much as I can and I thought I’d share with you all the places I’d quite like to go this year for various different reasons!

5. London

Probably the most boring pick but I want to go to a PROGRESS show, I wanna go to loads of the museums and galleries and just want a proper week up there.

I’ve been to London a few times so it isn’t like I haven’t been there before but I would like to really explore it and do some of the touristy things then the last few times I’ve been up there. I went there to see TNA, went there to see It Takes Two…. Now I just want to go see the landmarks and stuff and get some brilliant photos up there.

4. Scotland

There is no destination, there is no real big plan I just like Scotland and I want to go there.

Just nothing else to add.

Other then the number one pick on here this is probably the least likely, none of my family are interested in going Scotland and it might be a bit far for my sister and her kids to go and I don’t really have anyone else to go with so even if I do end up learning to drive it isn’t somewhere I think I’ll go on my own. Who knows though, I would love to go.

Maybe Edinburgh if I had to pick somewhere I guess but I don’t know. Anywhere.

3. Forest of Dean

Honestly I didn’t have one place to go into spot 5 so I looked up places to visit in the UK BUT it came up automatically with the Forest of Dean and boy do I want to go there now. It being closer to me then the next two and there seemingly lots of things worth going there to see it jumped from my throwaway 5th to a actual thing I want to go to really badly.

Mainly Puzzlewood. That just looks so cool.

It might not be something I want to do on my own but if I finally sort out driving and get a car it is something I’d jump to do right away.

2. Newcastle

This is a odd one. I joked about wanting to go there because Adam Pacitti is there but so many people I know rave about how nice it is up there that I kind of just want to go and see it for myself.

I mean it. Everyone. Absolutely anyone I know who has gone to Newcastle loves it.

Plus I just want to go to a DEFIANT show which means going up that way so why not at their home in Newcastle?

So from a joke to actual curiosity this is the one place I guess I’m more likely to go to if I get a chance this year. Not to stalk Adam but to go to a DEFIANT show even if that is all I do.

1. Maybe Abroad?

So last year I was going to go to Benidorm but my passport never got sorted in time. With my passport pretty much sorted and getting it in the next week or so I think this year really is the year that I want to go somewhere outside of the UK.

I’ve been to France with school when I was in secondary school but that has been it. I’d love to go back to France as there are plenty of really interesting museums there and some iconic places for photography and stuff but I mainly want to maybe go Germany, Italy or Denmark.

Probably the one that is least likely to happen but I kind of have my eye on going somewhere soonish. In the next few years.


There are plenty of other places too. I’d love to go back to Bath which I’ve been to once before with my ex and his mum, York would be a nice place to go, Blackpool… Hell I am going to Bristol for a few nights at the end of January so I’m already starting off well.

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