5 Things… DEFIANT Loaded #1

So Loaded came back with a bang and here are 5 of the best or worst moments of the show.

New Intro

It is pretty cool right? I’ve always liked the intro’s to Loaded but I think this one tops the others. It really felt like a new era right from the opening with a lot of the guys who have been there in 2018 when all the big changes started. There is no more looking out for Adam Pacitti being thrown through a table which was my favourite part of the old ones and whilst it just flashes by it screams a new, darker direction.

Not sure how to put that into words… It works in my head though.


Go look at the review, I was left speechless by the opening match and if that is the quality that Loaded on its own is going to have then DEFIANT Wrestling is gonna be going strong for a long, long while.

Short, Sweet IMPACTFUL Promos….

I really liked the promos they did with guys like Aussie Open with their music playing in the background. Got the point over, carried on stories and were just fun to watch.

Lucky Kid vs Omari – New Blood!

When the contracts of the NXT:UK guys were rumoured one thing EVERYONE said was that the younger generation, those who might have been over looked and just faces you didn’t think about would fill the gap and these two proved that.

Two young guys, guys who had kind of been around and kind of not been around stepping up and looking like guys that could be a whole big deal for DEFIANT going forward.

It was a great match, two really good characters and I just love Lucky Kid.

New Year New Era NEW LOADED!

It feels like a new era.

When the entire NXT:UK thing blew up SOOO many people acted like this was the end of a show like DEFIANT who used the majority of the guys that apparently wouldn’t be allowed to appear anymore.

As it is they look like they are doing the right thing. They’ve brought in guys slowly over last year like Nathan Cruz (I need to add him to at least every blog once), Havoc and Haskins and Chris Ridgeway who will still be around for a little bit but they are also bringing in guys like Lucky Kid and Omari who we might have seen in the past but who are new and the company can build around whilst promoting those still left from the beginning of the company (Hendry, Kirby and Rampage) and building up those bigger indie names they brought in.

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