Week 37 : Would you kill 10 people to save 1?

We’re back with the weekly question! We know it disappeared mid-September but we hope that this year we’ll be able to bring it back and keep it running all year long, we’ve kept what number week we were up to instead of restarting the count because we are interested to see how high we can get this up. Because we’re nerds I guess.

So this week is a question of morality. Would I kill 10 people to save just 1.

The honest answer is it depends on the situation we’re in.

That sounds really bad but if I was face to face with my partner, a friend or a family member and had to press a button that would kill 10 random people in the world or else press another and have to kill the person sat in front of me I’d find it really hard to press the button to kill the person in front of me.

Pressing the button to kill 10 random faces would be easy because you don’t see them. I don’t really know what kind of guilt I’d feel but if it really were just 10 random people and no one close to me died, as horrible as it sounds I think I could do it.

If I had to kill 10 people face to face or kill 1 person and let the other 10 walk free I honestly don’t know how I’d kill that 1 person let alone 10. Even if that person was close to me I don’t think I could kill 10 people just to save 1 person.

Which makes it weird that I could if I didn’t see those 10 people.

The number 10 is just a number though and if you don’t have those people in front of you, if you don’t see them or have something to remind you that they are people then it’ll be easier to treat them as a number and not a real person. Even if afterwards you find out it was 10 random people you know in the heat of the moment it’ll be easier to kill faceless people then someone you know, or even someone you don’t know, sat right in front of you.

When you have to kill people in front of you even if the 10 people are evil people and the 1 person is a good person I’d find it hard to kill 10 people personally, face to face then a single person. IF it was a 10 evil vs 1 good I’d hope I’d be able to kill the 10 evil to save the 1 good but I personally think it’ll be hard for me to kill even one person.

So I mean it isn’t the best of answers but it is a question that has many different layers.

I don’t think any normal person would be able to even imagine killing a single person let alone a group of them. I do think there are many different details of who these people are and the situation in general would need to be set out for a true answer.


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