DEFIANT Wrestling : Loaded #1

So Loaded is back.

I honestly think this might be the best thing to happen to DEFIANT and as long as they keep their direction going. It is going to be exciting.

Winner : Walter

What a way to start the show. Loaded #1 gave the people a PPV main event worthy match right off the bat as the Ring General Walter took on the unique high flyer El Phantasmo and bad ass Chris Ridgeway.

Ridgeway and Phantasmo trying to take on Walter together and not getting anywhere was brilliant, I like when they tried to double suplex him and got thrown themselves, DEFIANT let Walter just dominate the entire thing by being bigger, angry and nastier then anyone we’ll ever see. We even got to see a masterclass of smarts from him, not allowing Phantasmo to do his walking the ropes trick and kicking him off of them like he was punishing a little kid for doing a trick, always keeping aware of where the two guys are and making sure to split them up as best he can so no team work could happen.

I guess on a hour long show they had to speed certain story points up so whilst Walter dominated it wasn’t long when the two smaller guys worked together that they turned on each other which allowed their faster styles to shine in the ring as they beat each other up whilst using accidental incidents to keep Walter outside. As fast as the action was it wasn’t long before Walter was back.

Honestly the ending of the match was fantastic, I can’t even describe it but it was such a fast and amazing ending that you have to see it to believe it. Walter walks out champion still but DEFIANT have done a good job of showing us their future is bright.


Next week because she’s been away for a while she’ll run the Gauntlet to prove that she deserves the belt. I like that they managed to make that feel real big deal in a short promo. They really do this kind of thing really good and I enjoyed it.

Winner : Kanji

So DEFIANT have always had a problem with having a very small women’s division that tended to cycle through the same names time and time again. Millie McKenzie was a great addition but suddenly she was just a name thrown in with Kay Lee Ray who was taking Priestley’s spot when she was away, Sammi Jayne took Vipers spot… No one really seemed to be there for the long run so stories couldn’t be told.

IF, if DEFIANT are beefing up their women’s division instead of just replacing people this could be good. This match… I don’t know. It didn’t really show any thing that Gemini could do and it felt a bit like the McKenzie match. They tried to big up Gemini to have Kanji get a quick win and be all “wow look at her” but it didn’t work for me. I’m excited by Kanji and I’m going to allow myself to hope that their women’s division is going to grow a little but it was a squash match and that doesn’t fill me with hope.


Another quick promo to build to a match for next week. Short and sweet, love the use of the entrance music in the background to add a little oomph to it. Aussie Open are a great team but I don’t think DEFIANT do well with them, hoping for a great match next week.


A slightly different tone to this promo, no music and just a very angry Gabriel Kidd telling Primate he should be more scared of facing him in two weeks time. Again a nice promo, building up a important feud for DEFIANT in the next few weeks. Kidd is one of the best at this kind of stuff, can’t wait for that match.

Winner : Lucky Kid

So this is a rematch of a match I liked but didn’t like. These two are great in the ring but whilst I’m a huge Lucky Kid fan I also realise the last time those two faced each other there was way too much messing about from Lucky Kid and it kind of ruined things a bit.

This time it went straight into the wrestling and it was much better for it. Lucky Kid was the smaller man using his speed because he couldn’t take the bigger guy off his feet with just strength alone, there was air of Omari getting frustrated with Lucky Kid in the right way. It was a much more balanced match with Kid’s stupid behaviour hitting the right marks when needed, it was a good fast match which showed off Lucky Kids in ring abilities as well as his strange way of acting.

Enjoyed it greatly, Lucky Kid never seemed to stop and Omari was able to use his height and strength differences to put a stop in the tracks of the little crazy German Lion.

In the end it was a Crossface that won Lucky Kid the match but that was one hell of a match and they stand at one a piece in their matches together. I hope they don’t rush into a third match I’d rather see them facing other people for a little bit before seeing the final match. Kind of like see the two of them grow then one of them want to get the one up on the other.


I REALLY like Rory’s VHS type promo stuff. I think they have managed to get the feeling of the promos right but it was the match itself I was let down by. I’m still really excited about him though and his promos are great. Love the hockey masks in the background too. Just really good stuff.


So he comes out, shhh’s the crowd, say’s my bad and walked out again. That is it.

Pretty perfect for this point in his story. Bradshaw said it all. Just perfect.


I like that they had this fun little moment with these guys talking about Jimmy Havoc, I like that they are looking at sorting out Jimmy Havoc.

What I didn’t like is that Drake had this GREAT Anti-Gimmick thing going that DEFIANT never really played on, they never pulled the trigger on making him a serious threat to people and ruined it. They could have salvaged it but now they’ve gone from completely anti-Gimmicks to being in one of the biggest gimmicks of them all.

Love the group, loved the promo but hope that they trust Drake to go on to better things soon. Not that this is below him or anything, I think Dunne and Santos have really carved a piece of British wrestling out for themselves and love them, but it was such a big change so fast I just hope they don’t keep flipping him from one thing to another and if this is what he’s doing… Let him do it and do it well.

Winners : David Starr & Rampage

If this is what the main event picture will look like for a while in DEFIANT I am happy. Love all these guys, Rampage and Klinger are two of the best bad asses DEFIANT have whilst Starr is a great all rounder and something about Cruz just screams old school British Wrestling. I like all four of them and am just happy to see Cruz in main events even if I was worried he was there to eat the pin at the end of the night.

David Starr wants Rampage and that was a story being told in the match pretty well. Just because they were in a team together doesn’t mean that they were going to see eye to eye whilst the other team had nothing to gain, nothing to lose by working together to take out their biggest rivals in their eyes. Starr wanted to prove himself, Rampage wanted to wrestle and it instantly made you look at how high the stakes would be for that team as they fought each other as well as their opponents.

It was a really good match as you can expect. Nathan Cruz was in there most of the time able to weasel his way into openings whilst Starr and Rampage fell out, tagging in Klinger so that Klinger could cause some damage before coming back into the match to take some damage himself. I was surprised that it ended up being Klinger that ate the pin, with the whole Starr vs Rampage thing going on I thought the bad guys might get the win but with Starr determined he’s going to face Rampage and be able to beat him it made sense that he got the win and was impressive that he got it on Klinger.

Match ended with Starr “pretending” he was going to hit Rampage with his belt just to be taken out by the champ himself.


Honestly this was a fantastic first episode of Loaded, it was as its name suggests loaded. Everything on it served a purpose, every match was fantastic and it didn’t feel rushed.

That opening match was ridiculously good and the main event was amazing. They are starting already to look at various different stories up and down the show from the rivalry between Lucky Kid and Omari to David Starr wanting to be champ. It makes it must watch every week because there is just so much going on that you don’t want to miss anything.

Think the promos and videos are amazing and it has really helped build Rory Coyle in particular.

Truly believe that this new era is going to be amazing for DEFIANT.

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