5 Things… DEFIANT Wrestling Refuse to Lose 2018

So we are on the final PPV before Loaded and what a PPV it was.

Kind of. You know what I mean.

So 5 things about Refuse to Lose….


Seriously? It made the list because it was the oddest thing I’ve ever seen. The PPV started off so well and with that I was just worried what exactly was going to happen with the rest of the PPV if that kind of shit was what we got in a semi important match like this.

I mean he took out the GM of DEFIANT and lost to a count out after getting scared of a VHS exploding in red dust.

It really was just this feud in general. You could edit it down to make it look like the greatest thing ever but it is more random red dust then it is classic VHS worthy content.

Primate is unretired it seems. Yay. I guess.


Well I don’t think he was chilling but Rory’s promo deserves to be recognised because it was a superb promo and I really like when DEFIANT let the wrestlers do things like this because they tend to always be super cool.

Haven’t seen him wrestle before this promo but it made me excited for him. I mean he looks like a less cool Jimmy Havoc and I’m not sure the “scary” atmosphere they think they are going for is really hitting home but it is rare to find someone who can just talk and I stop what I’m doing to listen completely.


Honestly when he isn’t around I miss James R. Kennedy so much, he brings such a great dynamic to the commentary table and whilst I liked Miller on commentary there is nothing that beats Kennedy especially as he doesn’t mind laughing at himself.

His best bit was when he just couldn’t get it through his head that Millie McKenzie ISN’T actually Lykos she just came out dressed as Lykos. It was hilarious but in general he just adds so much and him and Bradshaw are a great double act.


I don’t know. I didn’t like the stipulation and feel like Fight or Flight SHOULD have been a I Quit match that ended with both being knocked out and this being a Last Man Standing match.

Didn’t like that Hendry was the guy that said I Quit even though I know it makes sense for the story. I guess we’ll see what happens next but obviously they’ve had to switch up Hendry and Kirby’s positions on the card and this was the best way. The amount of love Hendry got for putting up a fight is enough to prove it worked.

Nathan Cruz….

So I didn’t have a fifth thing so I am just appointing Nathan Cruz as the fifth thing.

12 months ago I didn’t know who he was, instantly fell in love with him when I think I saw him on 5 Star Wrestling and he has been one of the best additions to DEFIANT. I think he’s someone that they can rely on to stick into stories to annoy people, pick up decent wins that shock fans and basically just be a thorn in the side of everyone.

I had nothing and everyone knows how much of a Cruz fan I’ve become in one year so yeah. I honestly am too lazy to just change the title to 4 things and stick with the 4 things I had in my list.

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