DEFIANT Wrestling : Stacked 2018

So on we go to Stacked 2018. It promises to be a brilliant show what with Walter vs Ospreay, Kirby vs Hendry and all our new favourites.

I am so pumped which is great because it has my love of wrestling back.

Winner : Omari

Omari was a great addition to the Ringmasters but I can’t help it. My heart was with Lucky Kid who is just as strange as he was last year, crawled around the ring, lay around a lot and smiled. I loved his crazy personality last year but fell in love with his in ring style even more and so happy that DEFIANT brought him back. His craziness makes for interesting matches because it is all down to how his opponent reacts. Omari climbing the corner to get away from him before the match was great, him just standing and watching him strut around was brilliant.

You can’t really predict what is going to happen and that was what made the match so fun.

I mean he hugged Omari’s leg and thought he was putting a submission move on him but it is moments like that which makes his opponent underestimate him.

Unfortunately I will say the beginning of the match went too long and we didn’t get to see some of the explosive and amazing stuff that Lucky Kid could do, they played it as Omari getting fed up and pushing Kid to actually wrestle but I like seeing Kid actually wrestle and we didn’t get it at first.

The entire match went on a little long and whilst I really liked the two guys and there were some great moments including Omari’s winning O-Zone, I just didn’t think they worked well together.

Winner : John “Bad Bones” Klinger

A match I never knew I wanted till I got it. It really was DEFIANT trying to make sure we know how much of a threat Klinger is by having him not even let Williams start the match but by going after him from the second he had a opportunity.

It was a great match. Klinger kept that pressure but being the vet that he is Williams was able to find moments here and there to bring himself back into it and he matched Klinger’s violence with tenacity and old fashioned ass kicking. The gut wrench suplex from the top rope from Williams shocked me but it was one of many amazing moments Williams added to this match that showed that the legend still very much has it.

Really enjoyed the match, I love watching Williams wrestle it is always a treat but he worked so well with Klinger and I feel it is a shame that Williams is starting to leave wrestling because, much as he was a good building block for WCPW back in the day, he could have been a brilliant part of DEFIANTs foundations. As it is this was just a really bloody good match.

After the match Williams pointed out about the stipulation in PROGRESS that he has to retire if he loses the title he’s holding and announces this might be his last match in DEFIANT but he won’t let the stipulation mean he won’t wrestle in front of them. It was heartbreaking but was interrupted by Bad Bones who once more hit the Code Breaker announced himself as the Ringmaster, showed he’d defeated a English legend and once more called out Rampage.



Well the mic is better then in the Ringmasters stuff and I got to understand the entire thing.

Miller is apparently out with injury.

This isn’t to start anything with Gabriel Kidd but HT Drake. Yes HT Drake is back against Miller. Turns out Drake attacked Miller filming a Ups and Downs and injured him before the match against Kidd which was just made worse from the match with Kidd. This is just rebuilding the steam in the feud against Drake, I don’t think the audience really got into it which is a problem really. They needed to get behind Miller like they do when he wrestles.

He’s sitting at ringside for Drake’s match and warns Drake he will watch every match he has and study every move he makes and then when he is better he’ll go and kick Drake’s ass.

Crowd actually kind of cheered for that.

Winner : HT Drake

Drake has always been a underrated guy for me in DEFIANT, he is a lot better then maybe his stories have made him seen or his position on the card makes him look but he is actually a great wrestler and someone that DEFIANT can trust to do just about anything.

Another very different match for Phantasmo. We’ve had him against all sorts and this match was a much slower match then before. Drake isn’t a hard hitting, constant threat like Bad Bones, he doesn’t change it up like Adam Brookes and he isn’t just a big bastard like Mark Davis (when he wrestlers because Mark Davis is actually a angel) he is slower, methodical and doesn’t take well to people pissing around.

Phantasmo is able to change it up and isn’t just a high flyer, he was able to go punch for punch with Drake and work the slower pace but… I felt the match was there for the Miller commentary and building that feud with Drake more then to have a match against Drake and Phantasmo.

Miller accidentally aids Drake to win the match, I guess a decent way to continue the feud but the match was kind of meh.

Winner : Chris Ridgeway

Interesting match up, Ridgeway is back after sustaining a injury during the invasion angle back at the beginning of the year and Brookes is without Lykos who got injured again.

It was another slower paced match with the two of them matching each others strength and mat skills pretty well, it was a interesting match to watch with a big prize at the end of the match for the winner. Not going to lie I’m a huge Brookes fan so was rooting for him and find the way he moves fascinating, the guy just doesn’t look real at times and I say that after seeing him live for the first time this year too.

Slow burner, much more aimed at showing off the submissions these guys can pull off just about at any time then to be flashy. With Walter the current champion and Ospreay the challenger it was a nice look at two people with two unique styles that would clash wonderfully against either man.

In the end Ridgeway was able to outsmart the Calamari Catch King and make him tap walking on to face whoever happens to be the champion after the main event.


So Primate is out and this time I can actually hear what he says!

He announces Loaded is back and that he won’t be stripping Rampage who still can’t wrestle of the belt. Kidd comes down to kind of create some more tension between him and Primate plus then introduced us to Rory Coil?

It didn’t work. It didn’t work because the crowd were dead, it didn’t work because it went too long, it didn’t work because they had Kidd shrug off Coil, it didn’t work because it didn’t work and that was sad because Kidd and Primate are awesome.

Can’t win them all.

Winners : Alpha Bad

This was a great match, the two teams were really good against each other but so very different.

I like Alpha Bad, I think they were a fun team. Havoc and Haskins are fun in their own way so it gelled together to make a different kind of dynamic. Both teams are great at what they do and this led to some good moments like the double sharpshooter from Havoc and Haskins.

I think it was obvious from the start that Alpha Bad would win because Havoc is Hardcore champion and there is this feeling that we’re moving on from the past so having the new faces win made sense.

Good match. I know I’m not saying much about it but it was just fun.

Winner : Bea Priestley 

Really good showing from Lucas, it was a interesting match. It wasn’t originally a title match but Priestley agreed to make it so, there was a lot of respect in the match up until Bea knocked the ref out and set Lucas up for a kick to the head with a chair but her hesitation and inability to go through with her own attempt at being a bad guy nearly lost her the match.

Some really great moments and I really liked the chemistry between Lucas and Priestley, it was much heavier hitting then I thought it was and I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen Lucas before but I really enjoyed her.

It was a curb stomp that won Priestley the match, afterwards Austin who was suspended reappears to hit Priestley with a chair shot. SHE then did actually go for the kick for the head.

Interesting look into where the women’s division are going and it feels weird saying anything about a women’s division when so many of the women are now happily slotted into the men’s division.

Good match.

There was also a cute ref at the end which isn’t anything important but meh.

Winner : Joe Hendry via DQ

I probably have said otherwise before but I don’t get bored easily of Kirby vs Hendry.

It is much the same as most of their matches but what it did do was show the more angry and frustrated side to Kirby whilst bringing back that fighter with heart that Hendry used to be. Some good moments but it isn’t anything we hadn’t seen before a million times in the last year or so of DEFIANT.

Kennedy said it himself that they built the fight forever feeling to this feud by having a double count out looking to end the match but Hendry demanded the match be restarted and so it was. Instantly Kirby then got the upper hand, which he had had just before the count out and I guess it went a long way to rebuild Hendry as a good guy instead as the crowd got behind his never give up spirit.

Don’t get me wrong it was a great match as matches between the two usually are, it also was a needed match to switch the dynamics in their feud and tell a new story.

In the end it was a DQ due to Kirby shoving the ref but Hendry wasn’t happy and this now rolls on with new dynamics.

After the match Kirby gets on the mic to take offence at everything. Being DQ’d after shoving the ref when Hendry already did, people who aren’t as dedicated to DEFIANT as Kirby, people wearing pink like him…

Winner : Walter

Interesting match.

It is easy to forget that Walter can be beaten by the right person and you might not think of Ospreay as being that guy even though he’s one of the best in the world but Ospreay used that speed that he is famous for and the intensity that is needed to take the big guy off his feet a few times. He couldn’t out power Walter, there were a few times that he went for it and you just shook your head but his strengths could get into those cracks that showed every time Walter went to pose or underestimated Ospreay.

Course Ospreay didn’t just lie down for Walter and he really did take it to the big guy, there were some nasty looking moves as is per for a Walter match and he didn’t look like he broke a sweat but it was different from any other match I’ve ever seen him in.

When they finally went to the chops and kicks and stuff the entire little section was just amazing. Seeing Ospreay’s defiance to go down to Walter, Walter actually being taken off his feet by a clothesline and just how neither would give up was amazing. Honestly thought Ospreay had won after hitting three Shooting Star Presses one after the other then after a reversed OsCutter into a headlock/choke I thought Walter had it. In the end it went a little longer but it was a choke that beat Ospreay and what a main event.

What. A. Main. Event.

Walter wins and that is terrifying. He now has to face Ridgeway.

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