DEFIANT Wrestling : Refuse to Lose 2018

So again because I’m watching this so far away from when it happened there were a load of matches I was sure was meant to happen that didn’t but what we got was…


I mean Fight or Flight hyped it to be the biggest thing since sliced bread but we’ll see if that was the case.

Winner : David Starr

What a match to start the night off with?

It started wonderfully with Cruz going to attack Starr before his intro had ended and Starr sending him over the top rope and it just got better and better. Liked the slow back and forth at the beginning, the two of them trying to better the other through pure wrestling and not letting emotions get to them.

How to describe my favourite part? When they were going for pins, trying to force each others shoulders down with their hands interlocked, flipping around and countering each other constantly. It was fun to watch. It showed off the old fashioned streak that Nathan Cruz has but also showed the athleticism and brains the two of them had. Just perfect chemistry.

Match just got better the longer that it went on and started to feel like there was bad blood between the two, then again it always feels like people slowly start to hate Nathan Cruz the longer their matches go on, he even tried to walk out and was dragged back by Starr.

Starr won with a crossface.

Such a super effective opener, it set a really high standard for the night and was fun from beginning to end.


Really liked his promo if I’m honest, he’s a good talker and I liked the VCR effects and stuff. It was pretty captivating and that is the only reason I’m talking about it because obviously… I usually miss these out now but it just was really good.

Winner : Lana Austin

So the women’s match isn’t tonight as I thought it would be, instead we get Lana vs KLR.

I think I enjoy watching KLR fight the men more then the women but I was kind of excited to see this match if I’m honest. She had Lana’s number at the beginning of the match but it felt a little flat because it was another match that I’m sure was MEANT to be a championship match but wasn’t and therefore looked like another match to keep the challengers momentum going.

Better match then the one against Roxxy though, it flowed better and whilst I went into it thinking that Austin was gonna get the win there were plenty of times when KLR looked like she could win.

It was OK overall but Austin ended up winning with underhand manners which as I said builds her momentum going into her match with Priestley whilst making KLR look even more bad ass.

Winner : Rory Coyle via Count out

Not the best start to the debut of Coyle who got his ass kicked by Kidd. The fans were behind him, though I guess they would be behind anyone against Kidd right now, and he hit some great moves at times but I dunno. I feel like he’s a less cool Jimmy Havoc, I’ve never heard of him so as a first impression I wasn’t blown away.

I haven’t been blown away by Kidd for a while either so this show went from a great opener, a meh second match to a damp cabbage of a third.

After a VHS to the head that exploded into red dust Gabriel Kidd seemed to have enough and allowed a 10 count to continue and just walked out. Says it all about the match though.

After the match Coyle got on the mic called himself the devil and said that Kidd was scared of him…. Which isn’t really true and if it was they might have wanted to make Kidd look scared of someone he just beat the shit out of for however long. He left a case for Kidd with a present and before he even opened it I knew it was going to be Primate’s mask.

None of this is working. I want it to work but personally it just isn’t working.

Winners : CCK

Battle of the initials.

I knew I was going to love this match and it put the night back on track, Kid Lykos was actually Millie McKenzie but that didn’t stop the match from being as amazing as I thought it would be when I thought it was Lykos.

To be honest Kennedy made the match even better with him playing up to the fact he thought Millie was Lykos all along, I found that hilarious for some reason but then I find Kennedy pretty hilarious overall.

Both teams were great and there were some VERY sick tag team moves. Loved the stereo submission attempt by CCK, them attempting a move just for it to be countered by SCC and which forced Brookes to accidentally German Suplex McKenzie, the two teams just worked well together and their move sets were ridiculously unpredictable.

Brookes chucking McKenzie out the ring onto Kelly Sixx so that he could pick up the win kind of just summed it up. Really enjoyed it and liked the team of Brookes and McKenzie.

Winner : El Phantasmo

Another match I thought was going to happen that didn’t was Phantasmo vs Walter. As it is we got a really good match against Brent Banks and the promise of both Phantasmo and Ridgeway getting Walter when Loaded returns.

It started off fun with the two showing off their flips and worms… Yeah I’m sticking to that sentence. Then it got serious, mainly because I don’t think Phantasmo can do the worm, worm envy. That one stays too.

They were very similar in the ring both wrestling style and the characters. I really enjoyed watching them even if there was a lot of messing around, it was the right amount at the right time. Some fantastic fast paced sequences in the match but I wasn’t that surprised that Phantasmo won.

Still better then the last three matches and made me excited to see more of Banks. Was already super excited to continue to see Phantasmo.

Winners : Aussie Open

The two teams were really well matched, Alpha Bad have really hit it off as a team and Aussie Open are just a great pairing anyway. It really was worth the wait to see the match  and I have to say I liked seeing Davis vs Rees. Mark Davis is the big boy of my dreams but more then that he is the coolest guy in this match and he just bulldozed his way through both Rees and Sabian.

Alpha Bad actually dominated a lot of the match with Fletcher in the ring. I said it in his match at Ringmasters but Kyle Fletcher has that dude that gets beat up in a tag team feel about him even in singles matches and this was just even more felt in this match. It isn’t just because he was the smaller guy because Sabian never felt like that and he is smaller then Fletcher as well but it felt in this match that Davis did the majority of the work…

Which led me to wanting Alpha Bad to win and Davis to go into singles competition.

Ending of the match was great though and the Fidget Spinner wins it for Aussie Open.

Winner : Martin Kirby

So this is the third match against them in the last three iPPVs. The first was bog standard Hendry vs Kirby the next was boring and this one ended up a I Quit match when I personally think it should have been a Last Man Standing match.

It was actually a really good match, there was a lot of fighting on the outside trying to tire the other out and hurt them enough that they can lock in a submission move and make them quit, Hendry got the better in the first half but when Kirby was able to change the direction of the match he went for a leg and stuck with it.

With Hendry kind of getting a win in this feud and Kirby getting a new attitude when he started to focus on Hendry’s leg I kind of felt like it would be over for Hendry.

The figure four on the ring post was brilliant, specially as Kirby didn’t need to break the hold at all because it was obviously a no DQ match. It really helped Kirby solidify himself as a complete ass hole who would do anything to win and prove that he deserves the spot light over Hendry.

Winner : Rampage 

This was well worth the wait.

It was as hard hitting as you thought it would be against two of the most deadly looking guys DEFIANT have to offer.

Honestly thought that Klinger would get it, he really took it to Rampage and there were a few times that it looked like he had it but Rampage just kept kicking out. It was nice to see Rampage get a proper challenge that didn’t need to involve a sneak attack or anything else.

Really liked the ending, some big hitting moves, Rampage going for a piledriver and being reversed, Klinger going for the slingshot spear through the ropes for a second time to be caught, DDT’d then finally a piledriver to win the match for Rampage. It was a breathtaking sequence that ended a fantastic main event.

Rampage goes on to hold the belt going into Loaded.

David Starr comes out to make it known that he wants to face Rampage but is attacked from behind by Cruz, a fight breaks out that leaves Rampage and Starr standing in the middle of the ring together.


There was a lot I loved and a lot I hated on this show but the one thing I guess I can’t complain about is the ending.

I’ve been saying it a lot but all these shows just feel like DEFIANT knew they’d have to restart again. Not just because they were bringing back Loaded but because once again they were losing a bunch of guys they had been relying on. Regardless of the truth behind the contracts and all that we won’t be seeing those NXTUK guys in DEFIANT for much longer and they needed to reinvent themselves. The ending showed that they are doing this in a positive way and seem to be relishing the challenge.

I can’t wait for Loaded. We’ll have those running until we catch up and…. I’ve seen some spoilers and I’m excited for it.

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