DEFIANT Wrestling : Fight of Flight 2018

Stacked was just that… Stacked.

It had some great matches, some not so great matches and everything in between. It breathed new life into old feuds, created new feuds with new faces and gave us a whole bunch of new number one contenders to the titles giving DEFIANT a new feel as it inches closer to Loaded coming back weekly (well it is back but when this was on it was a while still till now if you get my meaning.)

Winner : John “Bad Bones” Klinger

So he gets his match at Refuse to Lose but he gets another match to show off how terrifying he is before then. Last time it was against British Legend Doug Williams this time with a up and coming star in Omari.

Omari is a giant, I didn’t realise how big he is or maybe how small Klinger is until they stood next to each other and Klinger had to look up at Omari.

It was a really good match showing off Omari but also once again letting Bad Bones be the bad ass that he has to be going into his match against either Rampage or Kidd for the title. Some really hard hitting moves and really impressive but in the end Klinger was standing tall.

Great opening match.

Winners : Alpha Bad

I always get a feeling that I don’t like the Hunter Brothers, I can never remember the matches I’ve seen but whenever I see them turn up again I kind of roll my eyes.

This match wasn’t too bad and hopefully it takes away some of that in the future.

Hunter Brothers took the upper hand from the opening bell and it took some really good team work from Alpha Bad to turn the tide, loved when Sabian sent one of the brothers flying out of the ring into Rees who just slammed them onto the HARDEST PART OF THE RING.

I guess it was important to make Alpha Bad look strong going into their tag team match against Aussie Open, Hunter Brothers are always made out to be this amazingly huge tag team by commentary no matter how boring they seem to be to me so having Alpha Bad beat them up a little and show their personalities off in a throwaway match, I feel I’ll be saying throwaway a lot for this PPV.

Obviously Alpha Bad win, obviously Kip Sabian gets on the mic to talk about how wonderful they are and insult the crowd.

Alpha Bad is a great addition to DEFIANT Wrestling.

Winner : El Phantasmo

I was looking forward to this match, very similar in the way they are in the ring but Phantasmo mixes it up very well too. I was expecting it to be fast but it actually started off a little slower before really exploding.

Whilst they are rather similar they are also very different. Ospreay uses his speed to just hit people in every direction and not giving them a chance to get their barrings whilst Phantasmo has his funny style like the walking the ropes and handstand over the top of the ropes. Still though the two of them were pretty similarly matched and it was hard to see who would get the upper hand, Ospreay had to get Phantasmo down for a 3 count whilst Phantasmo had to find the gaps in Ospreay’s attack to get any moves in.

The ending few minutes of the match were amazing which made the win so much more unexpected. Ospreay looked like he was about to murder Phantasmo with the kicks, big moves from the top rope and it was just constant but a counter with Phantasmo just kneeling on Ospreay’s shoulders was all it took.

Fantastic match, best one Phantasmo has had in DEFIANT yet. Really great match.

Winner : Lana Austin

So another match that really didn’t mean much, I was looking forward to it because I love Roxxy and nice to see her again but we already knew Austin would win to get the momentum going into her championship match at Refuse to Lose against Priestley.

Again more reminders that the big matches are all a month away still.

Match couldn’t even start properly because Austin took Roxxy out when she was getting into the ring and beat the hell out of her on the outside, Roxxy was able to use the time it took Austin to get into the ring to change the flow of momentum which made the entire beat down on the outside pointless.

It was so pointless they did it again almost instantly and then the match just dragged on and on and one. It should have been a squash or not have that beginning and it shouldn’t have been so boring.

Shame really.

Winner : No Contest

Another Hendry/Kirby match and another good one. It was about establishing their new characters, their new places in DEFIANT and new chapter in their feud.

It didn’t last in the ring for long but it also didn’t feel like it was full of bad blood like it should have been. Kinda tame to be honest but when they were in the ring it wasn’t all that bad. More character stuff as Kirby takes out a ref and when he went for a pin instead of a ref coming to count the pin the ref came out to check the other ref which pissed the hell out of Kirby, Miller was telling the story pointing out that it will get to the point that we might never get the Kirby we once knew and love returning again.

I dunno I didn’t like it. Specially as it was a no DQ match but it got to the point where Kirby just lost his shit and they announced it a no contest. I just didn’t like it. Honestly didn’t have the feelings that it should have had and was just a throwaway, see that word again, to set up for a I Quit match at Refuse to Lose.

Unneeded match.

Winner : Walter

Why he had this match when they had a number one contenders match and Ridgeway won it? I dunno but I’m never not happy to see Mark Davis and will never complain about him against Walter.

(Apparently Ridgeway couldn’t be there and the fans voted Davis in by the sound of commentary but I couldn’t quite make it out and don’t really care because why would I?)

It wasn’t as good as the PROGRESS match I saw but it was a decent match. Walter was made to look dominant and Davis didn’t get much say in the match at all which was a shame because he is a big lad and has gone face to face with Walter putting up a much bigger fight then this. I guess it might be a way to make Phantasmo look better if he beats Walter at Refuse to Lose or something like that but I dunno.

When Davis did get some offence in it was wonderful but at times it was like Davis had forgot he’s a big lad that can kick ass too.

Walter got the double underhook off the middle rope on Davis and the ring still stood. That was pretty much the most amazing looking moment of the night. I will keep saying it but Davis is a big lad. The piledriver that put Davis away was crazy.

The second half of the match was amazing. Love Mark Davis.

Winners : Havoc & Haskins

Well it was No Fun Dunne and HT Drake vs Havoc and Haskins at least.

Havoc vs No Fun Dunne is a singles match I want to see now, Havoc just gives no fucks so whenever Dunne did any of his funny little moments, like the STOP before his kick Havoc just stuck his middle finger up (the second time screaming that he was a … well something not very nice) and took no fucks.

It was just the perfect match up.

Santos screaming is one of my favourite things in wrestling. The Anti Fun Police are one of the best things to happen to wrestling. Jimmy Havoc is perfect in every way and Haskins is so fucking cool. HT Drake was OK as well, he had a extra name being Deputy HT Drake now. He had a gimmick ladies and gents, Gimmick killer had a gimmick.

Was a good match though and Drake and Dunne worked fantastically together as a team.

Loved when the ref was blinded and lost control and Havoc just took his frustrations out with a chair and he and Haskins just went crazy on the outside of the ring. I loved it. Then just as the two of them could win the match Haskins kicks beer into Havocs face which leads to them bickering (Santos also hit himself with a steel chair in the middle of the fight) but they still managed to win in what was a extremely fun match no matter how much that might upset Dunne.

Winner : 

Weird beginning to the match, I mean Kidd did what he does now and goes straight to Rampage but the match hadn’t started and it looked like he was going for a pin before he then attacked Rampage with the belt. It was messy and a unneeded start.

This has been my big problem with Kidd. His character and actions don’t work. I want to see a focused, bad ass bad guy who doesn’t give a fuck about anything but whilst he talks the talk too often when he’s in the ring he’s being a cocky shit and it doesn’t work. The imagery is kind of spoiled so whilst I love Gabriel Kidd and when he isn’t doing the annoying cocky stuff, like after he got the chair and attacked Rampage then slammed him on the ramp, he is brilliant at the same time long periods of the match just jar.

Opening of the match was too long. I get what they were trying to do but we’d already had this in the Austin match and it was badly done in that one and whilst this time it wasn’t poorly executed when you have the commentators pointing out “why hasn’t this just been thrown out” you have to agree…. The match hadn’t started and they were just beating each other up and you’d think someone would after it felt like 5 minutes of just beating each other up would force them to get into the ring and take the match seriously.

When the match actually got going it was really good and it was two really big and really angry lads just beating the hell out of each other. Such a good match that I feel slightly bad for moaning about the beginning but at the same time it didn’t need the beginning and the proof of that was the match itself.

Some wonderful moments topped off with a kinda meh ending.

Rampage finally got piledriver and won the match, Bad Bones came out to take out Rampage and was saved by Primate.

From one war to the next for Rampage.

Plus Kidd punched Primate in the jaw which obviously means that Primate isn’t as retired as we thought and there is obviously going to be a match between him and Kidd at some point.

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