5 Things… DEFIANT Wrestling Stacked

We move on from the Ringmasters and go to the next iPPV for DEFIANT which is Stacked.


Zoe Lucas, Omari, Lucky Kid…

OK so some of them aren’t new faces but it made the show feel different from when it rebranded from WCPW, from where it was before Ringmasters and gave you hope that the future was bright. I might not have enjoyed all their matches but their actual styles and different flavour was very needed.

It felt like DEFIANT had realised they needed, NEEDED, to make their own new unique style and these guys… They are bloody good!


So this was a show of number one contenders matches. Like the above point it helped define the new direction of DEFIANT. The same old faces weren’t just getting title pictures, they weren’t even in the contenders matches (well Havoc and Haskins were) and we got a feel of just what is going to happen next.

I liked that they focused on getting some contenders up. Bad Bones had a great showing being the new contender for the DEFIANT Championship, Ridgeway impressed beating Brookes to win contendership for the Internet Championship and Alpha Bad beating the former champs for the tag titles number one contender spot.

Fight or Flight is going to be interesting.


He just deserves to be mentioned. He’s hilarious, he’s a great front man for the company and he got in the middle of Lana and Brea and that was the best.

Primate has been a breath of fresh air as GM and I’ve really loved everything he’s done.


Not for the same reasons I’ve highlighted them before.

They had no reaction to Miller, very little reaction to Primate, was dead for most of the matches and it was sad. They didn’t even really boo Gabriel Kidd or just about anything else.

They were dead and it was sad.

Gabriel Kidd saying he was going to drown out the crowd? Hilarious seeing they were quiet as hell.


So the match wasn’t anything much to talk about BUT… BUT the feud has now switched dynamics and it is interesting as hell. Kirby is getting angrier and whilst Hendry is the face of what is making him angry he hates pretty much everything and Hendry’s fighting spirit has managed to win himself a spot in the hearts of the fans once more.

A feud that keeps on going and growing.

Honestly love the two of them against each other even if the matches are kind of the same.


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