5 Things… DEFIANT Wrestling Ringmasters Tournament Night 2

Onto Night 2 which saw the Semi Finals, some surprise matches and a very


I didn’t want to use two places for entrance music but I loved the gaming theme to Chapman’s and again, like most things Cooper related his has grown on me to the point that I love it.

Boring picks for my first point but I just LOVED Chapman’s and didn’t want to mention music without Coopers being there too!


The first two matches saw the naughty boys being naughty and getting their matches won via it. Well the first two semi-finals saw it.

Bad Bones took out a ref and used the chairs, Cruz distracted Cooper to get the upper hand.

It was just nice to see the naughty crowd being naughty.


I love wrestling crowds at times, some people can be dicks and some crowds can be dickish (as this is so late I’ve seen TLC and the boring chants to Rollins/Ambrose which was pathetic) but when they get behind someone ESPECIALLY the British crowd then the chants can be amazing.

El Phantasmo and David Starr had the best chants and Starr’s reaction to them was the best. It really made their matches all that better and is exactly what a crowd should be doing.


So I kind of know what happens obviously but it is amazing in retrospect to see this Kirby/Hendry promo and know what happens next.

Kirby showing his frustrations at WCPW/DEFIANT bosses and how people picked Hendry to be the face of DEFIANT in the face of Kirby who did just about everything they ever asked of him.


I said in the review that it never felt important like it should being for a belt but it still managed to be the best match of the night for me and a unexpected one too.

Filthy Clique really worked well against Aussie Open, it was fun, fast and had some amazing moments. Even with a throwaway feel to it, as I said again in the review it was four people who were knocked out in night one, it still made you feel like Aussie Open could actually lose their belts in this throwaway match and… To be honest?

I wouldn’t have minded.

Gave me hope for the future of DEFIANT Wrestling’s tag team division and was just a fun as hell match.

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