Goblin Slayer : The Fate of an Adventurer [END]

Episode 12

Aru Bōkensha no Ketsumatsu” (ある冒険者の結末)

Like everything Goblin Hunter has sadly come to a end. Like most of the season it was a alright episode that left a lot to be desired.

What is it with this overwhelming need in Goblin Hunter to have a really interesting thread of story that then kind of unravels and becomes nothing more then a few wet shreds of cord left on the floor?

Last episode built up this epic battle between the Adventurers and the Goblins just for that to be a pretty easy win for the Adventurers. We left with the tantalizing visions of a battle between Goblin Lord and Goblin Slayer just for that to be nothing better then what we’ve seen before, props for a decent kill with assist from Priestess but once more it was something that Goblin Slayer had come up with in advance which took some of the mystique from it but also ruined what was a cool moment for Priestess where you thought maybe just maybe this was what all this training and working with Goblin Slayer had made of her.

Much like last episode I liked the overall episode but I felt they missed good moments that could have moved everyone forward and with the knowledge that there will be a second season you’d think that they’d want to make their other characters look better then what they currently do look.

Even the others fighting the Champions ended up having a pretty decent time. It did make Spear Guy look a million bucks though and had a few sweet moments with the other Adventurers but it felt like they should have had the entire fight between Goblins and Adventurers in the last episode, had them holding back to find out if Goblin Slayer had won and then actually done a big epic final encounter in this episode with Priestess helping on her own accord showing that she’d grown within the series.

It just always feels rushed. They had to rush getting all the battles over, rush a end scene, just rush, rush, rush instead of telling actual stories.

With very little point to it Goblin Slayer did end up wanting to be a Adventurer and in a way is becoming a bit of a legend but we already knew that because that is how his fellowship was formed.

I dunno it just felt incomplete in the end because everything just seemed all over the place. A shame really.


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